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Open Position: Back-End Web Developer

Murmur Creative is looking to hire a full-time back-end web developer to help us build websites. We expect you to have extensive experience in that area, but “number of years” is a pretty loose metric of skill level. If you just graduated a bootcamp, that is probably not enough experience. If you are leaving a position as the director of front-end development for a multinational, that is probably too much experience. Somewhere in between is probably the sweet spot.

Our development team is currently three people with a self-managed structure. Major decisions are made collaboratively, and day-to-day work is largely self-managed although collaborative problem-solving with other dev team members is highly valued. Many, but not all, of our projects are built on a PHP foundation, and we “follow” a waterfall project methodology (no daily stand-ups here). As a team, we have a great deal of latitude with respect to development systems and processes. Back-end development will entail communicating regularly with the strategy team and design team to analyze, critique, and realize website features and functionality, in addition to collaborating with front-end development on real-world implementation. Being able to translate and bridge the gap between these teams.

There are two hard requirements for this job:

  • You are very confident in your skills with respect to back-end web technologies, specifically PHP.
  • You are a collaborative problem-solver, a skilled self-manager, and a strategy/development translator.

The salary range for this position is: 40-55k

Hard Benefits:

  • 3 weeks PTO + paid holidays
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance(s)
  • Employer-sponsored/matching 401k
  • Bonus based on profits

Soft Benefits:

  • Flexible work-from-home (We are all WFH currently)
  • Yearly company camping trip, holiday parties, and more

The following are pieces of our day-to-day workflow—both front- and back-end—or ideas and technologies that we continue to explore. Extensive knowledge in these areas are not requirements, but they should give you an idea of what we do and what we’re excited about in the development department. If there’s a technology you’re skilled in that you don’t see mentioned here, make sure to tell us about it! We’re always interested in learning new things.

  • WCAG AA accessibility standards and their implementation
  • Open source software and contribution
  • UI/UX concepts and practices
  • Front-end frameworks, like React, Vue, Svelte, and so on
  • Back-end frameworks, like Statamic, Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, WordPress, and so on
  • The Roots stack (Sage, Bedrock, Trellis, Acorn, and Clover)
  • Linux server administration
  • The command line!
  • Virtualization and containerization technologies, like VirtualBox, Docker, Hyper-V, and so on
  • Automated deployment/testing
  • eCommerce solutions, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, SnipCart, and so on
  • advocating for self and coworkers

If you feel you satisfy the hard requirements above and are interested in applying, please send us the following:

  • A curated list of work you’re proud of, with a description of your role (source code appreciated, but not required)
  • Brief description of how you set up a project and what tools you work with
  • Resume & cover letter

Please do not send us photos, headshots, or links to social networks (GitHub is okay though).