Erin Shorthill Digital Producer

“The Cheerleader”

Erin is not only an amazing producer but has a background in web design and UI/UX, which makes her the perfect person to lead our web projects and make sure no detail is overlooked. A native Oregonian, Erin is a proud mom of two boys. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in graphic design with a focus on interaction design.

Erin was a hairstylist for nearly a decade before deciding to follow her passion for design and digital experiences. She loves how moving pixels can solve complex problems and how design can have a profound influence on the success and perception of a brand. She enjoys getting to know new businesses and delivering quality work that inspires growth.

Aside from design and project management, Erin loves pointing a telescope at the sky, discovering constellations, studying the moon, and witnessing meteor showers. She also builds a mean lego spaceship and has a new found love of listening to audio books on the way to work.

  • What’s your favorite tv show?

    • Jeopardy
    • Golden Girls
    • The Man From U.N.C.L.E
    • MASH
  • What’s your hidden talent?

    • Super Speed
    • Bullet-Proof Skin
    • Life Drawing
    • Invisibility
  • What’s your go-to fast-food order?

    • Fish-Head Sandwich
    • Oreo McFlurry
    • Espresso Calzone
    • Grease Nuggets
  • What are you easily swayed by?

    • Weird Al
    • Dinner cooked in butter
    • Angry Grizzly
    • Underoos
  • What is your favorite live show?

    • The Little Mermaid on Ice
    • David Hasselhoff on Ice
    • Phantom of the Opera
    • Beauty and the Beast on Ice
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?

    • The Rock
    • Cleopatra
    • Justin Timberlake
    • Lord Byron