Connor Cajigal Content Strategist

“The Varsity Captain”

he / him

Connor is a creative problem solver, a strategic thinker, and a witty wordsmith. From workshops to web content he approaches client projects with gusto and breathes energy and youthfulness into Murmur. Connor moved to Portland after graduating from Florida State University Cum Laude with a BS in Advertising with a minor in Hispanic Marketing Communications. Out of office, Connor enjoys spinning vinyl, participating in futsal leagues with his father, and shooting “Beertoks” for TikTok.

  • What’s your favorite tv show?

    • Mama's Family
    • Miami Vice
    • Twin Peaks
    • Bonanza
  • What’s your hidden talent?

    • Car Theft
    • Egg Toss
    • I am a human Shazam
    • Invisibility
  • What’s your go-to fast-food order?

    • Chicken and Waffles or a Pulled Pork Sandwich
    • Strawberry Marshmallow Avocado Shake
    • Espresso Calzone
    • Grease Nuggets
  • What are you easily swayed by?

    • Man-Bun
    • Underoos
    • Angry Grizzly
    • A craft beer flight
  • What is your favorite live show?

    • Tame Impala right here in Portland!
    • The Little Mermaid on Ice
    • Aladdin on Ice
    • David Hasselhoff on Ice
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?

    • Lord Byron
    • Margot Robbie or Milo Ventimiglia
    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Cleopatra