Ivan Poblete Web Producer

“Yearbook Editor”

he / him

Web producer Ivan comes to Murmur with a wealth of experience in project management, communication, and software development. As a graduate of the Alchemy Code Lab and a former Honda Master technician, Ivan takes a strategic approach to complex problem solving. Ivan excels in fast-paced dynamic environments. He loves the variety of clients at Murmur and enjoys how each project brings unique challenges and rewards. Ivan loves driving fast cars or sampling good whiskey but his favorite pastime is spending time with his wife and young daughter.

  • What’s your favorite tv show?

    • Golden Girls
    • Lost in Space
    • Hogan's Heroes
    • Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • What’s your hidden talent?

    • Super Strength
    • Breakdancing
    • Car Theft
    • Turn Into an Animal
  • What’s your go-to fast-food order?

    • Mcdonald’s Chicken nuggets w/ fries and Coke
    • Rosemary-Garlic Duck Liver Fries
    • Strawberry Marshmallow Avocado Shake
    • Fish-Head Sandwich
  • What are you easily swayed by?

    • Werner Herzog
    • Underoos
    • Donald Duck Voice
    • Cookies
  • What is your favorite live show?

    • David Hasselhoff on Ice
    • Jay-Z @ Capital One Arena
    • Aladdin on Ice
    • Beauty and the Beast on Ice
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?

    • Crick and Watson
    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Lord Byron
    • Emily Blunt