Central City Coffee

A sub-brand of Central City Concern, Central City Coffee needed to draw from Central City’s identity while also establishing a enticing presence on the grocery store shelf.

Central City Coffee is a sub-brand of Central City Concern, a non-profit agency serving adults and families in Portland who are impacted by homelessness and addiction.

Central City Coffee was a brand created to showcase Central City Concern’s values, teaching transferable employment skills, and generating revenue to support Central City Concern’s mission.

We designed the packaging of their coffee bags so they would stand out from other organic coffee brands. We chose a bright color palette that would set the coffee bags apart without being too flashy or heavy-handed. We also tied in Central City’s mission and values by telling the story of their fair-trade coffee on the back of each package.

Central City needed to keep the packaging cost down, so we chose to use stickers as labels. This meant they could be easily applied to the coffee bags before sending them to market.


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