Laughing Planet Café

Laughing Planet wanted to retain their existing logo concept but update it with more personality, movement, and a refined look.

 Laughing Planet Café is a well-established health food restaurant with 15 locations in the U.S. They serve healthy burritos, bowls, smoothies and much more.

The original Laughing Planet logo used lines that didn’t vary in thickness, and the planet’s eye stared straight ahead with a somewhat ominous gaze.

We varied the line weight, updated colors to a more contemporary palette, and increased contrast. We added depth to the planet using shadow. We also tilted the ring to make the planet feel more playful.

We created a brand book for Laughing Planet that includes brand colors, dos and don’ts, font guidelines, and more. We also designed a fully responsive website for Laughing Planet with an easy-to-update WordPress backend. We have partnered with Laughing Planet since 2006 and continue to work with them on various print and digital projects.



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