Andrew Bolton, Principal

A graduate of Portland State University’s rigorous design program, Andrew’s articulate and meticulous design skills have kept him in high demand by many of Portland’s successful businesses and organizations.

Andrew’s design experience spans many design styles and mediums, from website design and mobile apps to the hands-on crafts of silkscreening, printmaking, poster and package design, and more. He specializes in brand identity and loves bringing life to a business by giving it a recognizable and eye-catching aesthetic personality.

Andrew also believes in supporting sustainable business practices and ‘green design.’ In his free time, Andrew is a loving father, avid fisherman, bicycle enthusiast, and a founding member of the folk rock ensemble, ‘Nervous and the Kid’.

Tristan MacInnis, Web Developer

Tristan will be the first to tell you, he’s pretty chill. What he will undoubtedly fail to mention is that he’s an accomplished coder with a strict adherence to current coding standards or that he has a keen eye for design and usability. With 5 years experience in web design and development, Tristan prides himself on his ability to maintain the highest standards of quality in the sites he builds. Tristan was trained in Design Foundation at Portland State where he studied type, form, unity, balance, and more. Tristan is always seeking out new knowledge and technology to enhance Murmur’s abilities and offerings.

Oh yeah, and he is pretty chill.


Zipporah Vannata, Designer

Zipporah is the fourth Zipporah in her family. So, as you might imagine, she has a few nicknames including (but not limited to) Zip, Zippy, Notorious Z.I.P., and Busted Zipper. Zipporah hails from the hot and humid Fresno Valley of California. Zipporah also happens to be a ridiculously talented designer. She graduated from Portland State University with a graphic design major and advertising management minor. Zipporah loves experimenting with (and perfecting) type treatments and illustration styles. She’s also known to keep the good ship Murmur afloat on occasions when Andrew, succumbing to office stress, has gone on one of his infamous “coconut water” binges. (It’s not pretty. Thank you Zip!)

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart, Designer

Also a graduate of Portland State’s prestigious design program, Tijani is originally from Massachusetts where he earned a degree in psychology and environmental studies at Boston College. Tijani loves and excels in all aspects of digital and physical design. He has experience in everything from branding and logo design to screen printing and woodworking. His ability to bring fresh ideas and unique design approaches to every Murmur project is invaluable.

In his free time, Tijani enjoys snowboarding, bike riding, camping, craft beers, dirty blues, and melodic folk music. You can get to know Tijani and his various design projects at

Chris Bolton, Digital Strategist

Chris has been working in online marketing (SEO, PPC, content marketing, copy writing) for the last 5 years. He is a professional blogger and technology enthusiast. Chris has worked in-house and freelance as an SEO & PPC manager, and is well-versed in search marketing strategy, web analytics, social media, and local and technical SEO. (He also writes bullet-proof ad copy and attention-stealing tag lines).

Chris’ favorite writer is a quirky Swiss-German fellow named Robert Walser. He’s also a founding member of the folk-rock band ‘Nervous and the Kid.’

Tim Acock, Photo Genius

Over the past two decades Tim has worked in all aspects of the photography
industry. Tim is obsessively detail oriented and uses every photo project as an opportunity to push the boundaries of accepted techniques in search of perfection. Tim has experience with all digital and film cameras. (Yup. All of them). He is also is
a photoshop and lightroom specialist. If Tim doesn’t get it right the first time, he’ll keep trying until he is dead (It’s our job to make sure he eats and drinks water
between photographs).

Tim also has a stunning wife, two photogenic children, and plays a mean bass guitar.







mary-nicholsMary Nichols, Account Director

I am passionate about crafting brand experiences that create authentic audience engagement.

I enjoy promoting ideas and building communities, and helping businesses grow. My work at Murmur connects my passion for people, brands, and Marketing in many new and exciting ways. I recently ran the successful social media campaign for Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and also directed the social media campaign for the highly divisive water fluoridation campaign in Portland, OR. When I’m not obsessing about my clients, I can be found teaching marketing courses at Pacific Northwest College of Art, serving on the board of the Portland Social Media Club, and keeping fit by trying to stay at least one step ahead of my six(!) small children.