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Search Engine Optimization (Portland, OR)

Increase your website traffic and improve your visibility in search engines with Murmur Creative’s SEO services.

Murmur Creative has helped many Portland businesses achieve their SEO goals, and we’d love to help you bring more traffic to your site. SEO is a rapidly changing field and it can be overwhelming for small businesses to tackle SEO and integrate best practices for search engines. We can help you keep up with the latest trends and challenges.

At Murmur we practice ‘white hat’ search engine optimization, which means we don’t use any “tricks” or techniques that would artificially boost your search ranking and thus trigger penalties from Google or Bing. Our services are focused on on-page optimization, keyword research, keyword strategy, analysis, and education. Good search engine optimization is an investment in the future of your business. Start growing your traffic today.

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SEO Services

We’ll design a plan that meets your needs. The following services will be included in almost any SEO project we undertake.

Install Google Analytics

For tracking traffic and website performance

Set Up Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

For monitoring your site visibility in search engines.

Install SEO Tools

There is a variety of 3rd party programs and plugins available that, when configured properly, can improve your search engine rankings. One of our favorites is Yoast’s SEO plugin for WordPress.

Install XML Sitemap

We’ll make sure your site is equipped with an up-to-date sitemap and robots.txt file so search bots can better read and index your site.

Site Assessment

If you have a current website with web analytics installed, we will assess current keyword performance and rankings. If you do not have analytics we can use search tools to assess your traffic and rankings. If your site is completely new we can create a baseline based on your competition and size of the industry. We will also send you a questionnaire about your business and online practices in order to develop our strategy.

Keyword Research (Identifying Keywords Relevant to Your Business)

We will use various research tools to discover search queries that will bring relevant traffic to your site. It’s all about quality traffic and not quantity. We want to bring people to your site that are interested in spending money at your business–not people who just click and then click away.

Our Keyword research includes analyzing competitor sites, using various keyword research tools (Moz, Open Site Explorer, Google Keyword Tool, and others), working with your own keyword suggestions, and analyzing traffic volume and competition of relevant keywords and key terms.

Keyword Strategy

From our research we will Identify primary keywords that should be focused on in site
content and metadata.

Keyword Placement

As search engines get smarter about detecting keyword stuffing and over saturation, we are careful to place keywords in a natural and informative way. Keywords will be placed in metadata and on public pages (title, meta description, file names, alt tags, title tags, headers, body copy and more.)

Duplicate Content Audit

Duplicate content is a common SEO issue and often website owners have little or no idea that it’s occuring. We’ll use redirects and proper canonical tags to make sure search engines don’t perceive any of your pages as duplicates.

Public Directory Audit

We’ll assess which SEO enhancing directories (Google Places, Yelp, Bing Local, etc) your business will benefit from being listed in and make recommendations in our initial report.

Link Audit

Weigh your incoming links and social activity against your competitors

Link Redirection

We’ll find broken links, bad redirects, and duplicate content, and redirect these URLs in order to improve rankings for the correct pages and make your site easier to crawl.

Copy Suggestions

Review copy and make SEO suggestions / edits

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata

We can set an image and specialized text for instances when your website is shared on Facebook and Twitter

Like Buttons (Optional)

If your site includes a blog, we highly recommend adding “like” buttons (Google +1, Facebook “like,” and Twitter “Tweet”) as they are a key indicator of page popularity by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Like buttons can also be added to key pages of your website. Just let us know where you want them.

Detailed Reporting

We will create actionable reports that cover traffic, rankings, links, keywords, and more. We will also provide basic info and resources so that you can develop online practices that will increase your site’s visibility over time.

Link Building

With the exception of our local SEO services (directory submissions and management) Murmur does not do link building at this time, but we will give you suggestions and instruction how you can improve your link profile. Google has done it’s best over the last few years to make link building a near obsolete practice. Paying to get links is strictly against Google’s web master policies. That being said, links still matter a great deal. We’ll do our best to provide you with the information you need to grow your link profile in a natural way–that won’t get you penalized. Building links is best learned and practiced over the lifetime of your business, and it can be integrated into any marketing campaign with a little knowledge.

For Monthly and Yearly Clients

Ongoing Improvements and Maintenance

 Software updates, rank monitoring, traffic monitoring, and more

Keyword Adjustments

 We’ll monitor keyword performance and test keyword combinations to get the best results.

Quarterly Reports

 Each report will take key insights from your traffic and rankings as viewed over time. These reports will show improvements and reveal areas that need attention/work.

Keyword Suggestions for Blogging

If you keep a blog it’s important that you target the right keywords in order to get traffic to your site. We can help you choose keywords and optimize your posts for SEO.



SEO Press Release

Press releases are a great way to the news out about an event, new website, or new business. It’s also a great way to build links to your site so it will rank better in search engines. We can create, craft, optimize and publish your press release so it reaches thousands of local and/or national news sources. Prices start at 500. Ask us for more details.

Local SEO

Getting ranked well for searches that are conducted in your city or even within just a few blocks of your business means careful optimization of your business information across a number of business databases. Our local SEO package includes editing, distribution, and maintenance of your business information across all the major indexes and local directories.

SEO Copywriting

Chris Bolton, our resident SEO expert, is also a professional copywriter and blogger with a degree in writing from Marylhurst University. You can follow his SEO blog at www.intuitivesearchmarketing.com. If you want copy that is compelling and SEO enhanced, ask us about our SEO copywriting services. You can also find Chris on Google+ and Twitter.

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