Logo Design

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. It supports everything you build on top of it.

A Lasting Impression

Your logo is the most important part of your company’s visual identity. It’s what people will remember whenever they think of your brand. Getting your logo right is imperative, because a flawed logo can have repercussions that influence the success of your brand for years to come.

An excellent logo communicates a business’ identity in a matter of seconds. It can be rendered in a single color without losing its readability, and it can be shrunk down to the size of a nickel without losing its impact.

At Murmur Creative we develop beautiful and impactful logos that will take your brand to new heights. We agonize over every detail, from type design and letter kerning to line weight and color choice. Our experienced logo design and identity experts will work closely with you to create a mark that you, your customers, and your employees will be proud of. Murmur Creative has designed logos for national, international, and Portland-based brands.

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