Brand Strategy

Foundational tools for values-based brands.


Defining Your Brand Identity

Why is your company valuable? How is it different? How do you translate your core values into design and voice? Defining and refining your brand identity will give you new tools for communication and growth.

Our Process

We use a combination of workshops, interviews, research, and analysis to build a framework for your brand. This framework allows us to produce your new logo, brandbook, style guidelines, mission, vision and values, and other important brand assets.

Florida Crystals brand book

Your Results

The end result is that you have everything you need to implement successful internal and external communication strategies. You’ll be amazed how these new tools will transform your business, foster growth, and open up new opportunities.


Core Values

At the center of every successful company is a simple value system. A system that, once articulated, can be harnessed and utilized in every decision your business makes. We’ll help you focus in on your core values and articulate them in a way that can be easily shared throughout your organization.

Unique Benefits and RTBs

Establishing your unique benefits and how you communicate them paves the way for strategic growth. RTBs or “Reasons to Believe” are the foundation your unique benefits are built on.

Competitor Research

We will research and compare key factors of your competitors in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in messaging, services, USPs, web presence, and more.


We’ll work with you to determine how your brand fills a particular consumer need in a way that your competitors don’t.

Mission & Vision Statements

Your organization’s mission statement is a public-facing statement that reveals your purpose and commitment to your customers and the public. Your vision statement is a concise statement that summarizes your internal goals and aspirations for your business. We’ll help you craft your mission and vision so they are rooted in your company’s core values.

Target Audiences

In order to create a consistent approach to branded communication we will define the psychographic profiles of your audience groups. In other words, we will explore the wants, needs, fears, and motivations of your audience so that we can build brand tools that resonate with them.

Brand Character

We will help you develop the character of your brand using archetype theory, research, and archetype-based exercises.

Voice & Tone Style Guide

Consistency in voice and grammar is a vital aspect of branding. We will work with you to create a style guide that will give you and your employees a trusted resource for brand communication.

Let’s get strategical!