Our naming process turns your guesswork into highly focused brand strategy.

Our naming process dives deep and reveals the work your name or tagline needs to accomplish

Your business name, tagline, and product names need to do work for your brand. They need to communicate your values, story, and brand personality while retaining versatility. They need to differentiate and promote what is unique and valuable about your organization.

At Murmur we take a very practical approach to naming. We believe that the best names come from the brand itself. We learn everything about your brand and put that knowledge through a well-honed process that applies industry research and collaborative brainstorming to produce a curated list of appealing, insightful names for your organization.

Via Clinic - therapist logo design

Business Name: Via Clinic

Via Clinic is a psychiatry clinic that specializes in addiction. Founder, Dr. Joseph Andrew wanted a name that respected the discreet nature of his practice while also inspiring his patients to make positive change. Many other businesses in this category had names that included triggering words like “addiction,” “recovery,” or “treatment.”

In our naming process, we focused on words that were metaphorical and less direct. We researched Latin words and settled on “Via.”

Via is defined as a “traveling through (a place) en route to a destination.” We felt this was an apt metaphor for the journey that his patients undertake in seeking recovery.

B&B Print Source logo and tagline - Be Impressed

Tagline: Be Impressed

The “B&B” in B&B Print Source’s name had lost its meaning. Originally it referred to the last name of the founders of the company, but they had sold the company long ago. B&B Print Source wanted to keep their name, but needed a new tagline.

After going through our naming workshops and discovery process, we learned a lot about B&B Print Source and their customers. B&B’s commitment to quality was paramount.

We decided on “Be Impressed” as their tagline for numerous reasons. We felt this was the perfect way to capture the customer experience while adding to the meaning of “B&B.” In fact, we created a series of taglines that begin with “Be” and used them throughout the website we built for them. We used “Be Assured”, “Be Excited,” “Be Delighted,” and many others to continue the theme. Now when someone asks them what “B&B” stands for, they have quite a few options to choose from.


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