Strategic copywriting that speaks to your audience.

Writing for the web is more than just a grammatical skill. It requires branding strategy, conversion optimization, keyword targeting, and an intimate knowledge of conventions and best practices.

When you engage Murmur for copywriting, you can be sure that your new copy will be beautifully simple, easily scannable, and always actionable.

We have many years of experience writing for both web and print, and we’d love to help you tell your story and improve your bottom line.

What to expect:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines (that aren’t so cheesy you want to hurl)
  • Irresistible calls-to-action and microcopy (so your web visitors take action)
  • Web optimized copy (so nobody goes cross-eyed reading about your business)
  • SEO optimized text (so you rank better for important keywords)
  • Benefits-focused copy (puts the focus on your customers/clients)

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