Packaging Design

You have the consumer’s attention for mere seconds. How will you use it?


Strategic Packaging Design

At Murmur Creative we focus on Growth-oriented packaging design. This requires a process built on brand immersion and competitor research to identify unique opportunities in the marketplace. Our solutions aren’t just stylish or safe: we’ll offer a range of concepts that push creative boundaries.

Take Two Bottle Lineup
Take Two CEO Sarah Pool

“Our brand identity was more than just a design. It captured the essence of our company, our mission, and our desire to delight customers. There is great design, excellent design, and then there is true genius design (authentic, original, unique, timeless) — Murmur delivers the latter. They’re a tried and true partner that has helped us time and time again achieve our company’s dream and objectives.”

Jerek Lovey

Take Two Co-founder & CEO
Subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch

Bottles, Boxes, Bags, & Beyond

While existing packaging formats are second-nature to us, we take pride in developing distinct, proprietary packaging solutions for complex problems.




Lee McCollins holding Durant olive oil bottle

“Working with the team at Murmur Creative has been extraordinary, from start to finish. The community’s response to our new presentation has been enthusiastically positive – backed up by a solid increase in revenue. Beyond being professional, thorough and imaginative, the team at Murmur are just super cool people that make a somewhat daunting process seem effortless.”

Lee McCollins

Marketing Director at Durant Vineyard


Corsair Distillery has been praised in publications like Food and Wine, Saveur, Imbibe, Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate, and the Atlantic and it was time to put a polished and modern face on this innovative distillery. Corsair set out to be a different brand from the beginning and we set our sights on a modern and down to earth packaging line.


GladRags had 6 different box sizes and countless labels that made for a fulfillment nightmare but with a little elbow grease, we reduced these form factors to two boxes and a series of educational, product specific bands. 

This is just one of the many way we’ve added value and decreased cost for our clients.

GladRags founder Tracy Puhl holding GladRags and XoFlo packaging

“Our new branding and packaging took our business to the next level, and everyone comments on how perfect it is! Murmur was super fun to work with, and their designers were quick to understand exactly what we needed. Choosing to work with Murmur was one of the best decisions I’ve made for GladRags and XO Flo!!”

Tracy Puhl

President/Owner of GladRags and XO Flo

Cannabis Compliance with Unique Reverence

Functional and legal requirements are incorporated seamlessly into the design and the box is engineered to fit each cartridge securely. We used a gold metallic pantone and a soft baby pink to help Mule stand out as a high quality and subtly playful option among cannabis competitors.

We couldn't be more pleased with the results of our work with Murmur. They are easy to work with and extremely detail oriented. Each design meeting revealed new and exciting concepts and beautiful design examples. We look forward to working with Murmur on future projects.

Lela Hattar

General Manager at Alexis Foods

Packaging Mockups Front Back
Murmur is a creative force! They did an amazing job capturing our brand personality and adapting it for a national audience. From logo and packaging to our amazingly delightful website, Murmur succeeded with flying colors.

Jen Martin

Cofounder of Pipsnacks

Sarah Porter holding Central City Coffee packaging

“Working with Murmur has been amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Murmur knows their stuff and the process was fun and exciting. Most importantly, we have amazing new branding and packaging that is making a real difference in the hearts and minds of our customers, as well as our bottom line.”

Sarah Porter

Business Director at Central City Coffee

Digestible Design for Disruptors

One of the most challenging yet most rewarding feats for a brand is to introduce a product to the marketplace that consumers have never seen before. Our expertise in consumer education and copywriting is an investment with the potential to sky-rocket your brand.


Good Foods Salad Dressing & Dips

Good Foods creates healthy, decadent dips that celebrate the goodness of real ingredients. They focus on freshness through innovative packaging technology and forgo preservatives.

Stacked Tillamook yogurt containers


Two flavors side by side that can be devoured separately or swirled together. High in protein and no artificial flavors, sweetness, or preservatives.

Chef Andy Ricker holding Som bottle

“The design strategy for our product needed to be spot on. We were introducing a new category to a saturated market. SOM is a mixer that can be used in both spirited and spirit-free cocktails. It was incredibly important to balance these elements and appeal to both bartenders and their patrons. The bottle needed to stand out as something unique on the crowded backbar. Murmur did research in the field, interviewed renowned mixologists, and produced packaging design and messaging that hit all the right marks.”

Andy Ricker

Founder/Owner Pok Pok, SOM

Better Packaging: Better Planet.

As a certified B-Corp, caring for our planet is at the core of our culture. We’re a packaging design agency that strives for solutions that are both beautiful and ethical using recycled paper, FSC certified substrates, sustainable inks, and the innovations of tomorrow.



Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Design Director

Everything is recyclable – from the glass cup to the aluminum lid. The sake cups have a weather motif that links Afuri’s U.S. and Japanese locations with their surrounding mountains.

Minto Island Tea Company

In designing packaging for Minto, we wanted to create a container that had the high-end feeling of a stand up box but that had less environmental impact and was more cost effective. The double width folded box achieves the structure and weight of a more expensive box and supports Minto’s premium branding. The custom labels functionally seal the box while also providing color differentiation for each tea variety.

Identity Systems

Great packaging starts with a solid brand. We love working with brands from the ground up on a full spectrum of brand collateral.

Brand Strategy

A brand rich with a strategic foundation is set up for success. Regardless of whether you’re a well established existing brand or ready to make your vision a reality, we pride ourselves in strategic workshops that will help you hone or develop your mission, vision, and brand voice.

Consumer Research

Packaging development can involve in-store research, interviews with relevant personas, available data analysis, and third-party consumer research testing groups.

Format Design & Prototyping

Perhaps you have a vision for something more unique than a stock packaging format, or your product itself is unique enough to merit a format that doesn’t yet exist. We’re equally adept at both.


Institutions such as the FDA and liquor licensing boards have complex sets of regulations. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your packaging is above board.

In-Store Marketing & Retail Experiences

Take your product to market with a roll out plan and marketing materials that engage your waiting audience. First impressions matter both on screen and in-store.


Put your product in the right hands!