Chris Bolton and Andrew Bolton

[Podcast] The Story of Murmur Creative

In early 2016 Murmur Creative launched The Creative Agency Podcast, a podcast conceived to explore how creative agencies work and grow. Having published a handful of successful interviews, we decided to turn the mic on ourselves and share our story.

In this episode Chris Bolton interviews his brother, Andrew Bolton, owner of Murmur Creative. Andrew talks about going from design student at Portland State to becoming a freelancer and ultimately an agency owner.

Andrew describes how he came up with the name Murmur Creative, discusses the major turning points for the business, how fear-of-public-speaking influenced a major business decision, and how Chris took the big leap and joined the Murmur team. Both Chris and Andrew talk about their business goals and ambitions for the coming year.

If you’ve been working with Murmur or simply want to get to know us better, this interview offers candid insight into the thought and work that has made Murmur Creative the agency it is today.

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