Murmur Camping Trip 2017

Murmur Camp: Our 2017 Camping Adventure

Every summer Murmur heads out into the domestic-wild with our tents and sleeping bags for a weekend of sun, BBQ, family, and no cell phone reception. It’s a wonderful way to reset, relax, and enjoy each other without the deadlines, meetings, and everyday stress of agency life. It’s an opportunity for us to connect, not just as professionals, but as a community.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

murmur camping 2017 In the shade

Pelton Park, Eastern, OR

This year we headed out Pelton Park in central Oregon’s desert region. Unsurprisingly, it was hot! We unpacked our coolers, tents, camp chairs, and enough sausages, buns, and snacks to feed a small army.

We were able to beat the heat on Lake Simtustus under the shady grove of trees that canopied our camp sites.

We brought our partners, spouses, kids. (Mary, our account director, brought 5 of her 6 kids).

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We ate. We swam. We party barged! (And we nursed a few hangovers).

At the end of a long weekend, we were reminded how grateful we’ve become for the culture that’s grown up around Murmur. We’re not just growing as a company—we’re growing as friends, mothers, fathers, partners, and professionals.

Until next year!

Team Murmur