Safety is the Priority

With COVID-19 affecting everyone’s lives – safety is the number one priority. We need to support communities offering safety to survivors and families. This year Murmur Creative’s Agencies of Change Poster Show is a fundraiser for Raphael House of Portland and they need our support now more than ever.

Raphael House of Portland has provided life-saving shelter and wraparound support for survivors of domestic violence for more than 40 years. By providing safety to adults and children of all gender identities, their programs help survivors end the cycle of violence and achieve the hope, healing, and independence they deserve. Raphael House also works to prevent abuse and sex trafficking through prevention education programming in local schools and throughout the community.

Raphael House of Portland

Raphael House needs help now more than ever. We understand that everyone is feeling the impact of COVID-19 but for some its an even more disruptive experience. The Raphael House community of more than 400 survivors rely on the organization for safety and resources. With the Stay-at-Home order, survivors are unable to seek shelter at Raphael House.

At a time when families are being asked to shelter in place, those who live with domestic violence are facing even greater threats inside their home—isolated in close proximity to their abuser. And for others who have been able to escape, loss of wages and lack of childcare are resulting in incredible financial hardship. But together we can help survivors stay safe.”

Raphael House Newsletter, March 2020

How You Can Help

Please spread the word about the Raphael House COVID-19 Response Fund. And if you were planning on making a donation to Raphael House at our Design Week Portland poster show happening this summer, please consider doing so now to this fund – because Safety is the priority.

Your generosity ensures that we can continue offering life-saving shelter and support to families fleeing domestic violence throughout the crisis. Together we can help survivors community-wide stay safe, stable, and healthy.”

Raphael House COVID-19 Response Fund

Donations to the Raphael House COVID-19 Response Fund helps them to:

  • Continue offering life-saving shelter and 24/7 support to survivors and their children who have escaped dangerous abusers.
  • Deliver food, hygiene supplies, and other critical resources to families across the community who are struggling.
  • Provide phone support and assistance to survivors in our housing and community-based programs, and to callers seeking help on our 24/7-hotline.
  • Purchase supplies needed to keep our community safe and healthy, including sanitizer and cleaners.

If you have questions or need support, contact Amanda Ives at (503) 243-5116 or

Thank you for your support! Every contribution makes a difference and supports the safety of our community!