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Murmur Web Hosting (New)

Murmur offers our website clients affordable managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and domain registration—so you only have to deal with one company for all your website needs.

What is VPS?

Most website hosting is provided cheaply by putting many websites on a single shared server. This “shared hosting” means your website has limited resources and is vulnerable to issues caused by other sites on the same server.

With VPS hosting your website gets its own resources that can’t be used by neighboring sites.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting means that we will handle the technical management and updates for the server your website lives on. This ensures that your website is always backed up, running optimally, and free of bugs and viruses.

Software Updates

When you subscribe to Murmur Web Hosting, we will also run regular backups, perform manual software updates, and make sure all software components and plugins are performing optimally.

Murmur Web Hosting does not include maintenance other than software updates. If something breaks or needs to be replaced, you’ll still need to contract us at our hourly rate or ask us about a maintenance package.

*Murmur Web Hosting does not include email hosting. We use G Suite for our own email hosting and love it. You can too!


Murmur Web Hosting Includes:

Your own managed VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Monthly software and plugin updates
Automated weekly backups & fast service restoration
Web application firewall (if we control DNS records)
Global CDN (if we control DNS records)

Hardware scaled to your needs up to the following specs:

4GB ram | 60GB SSD |  4TB data transfer (additional resources available with updated contract)


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