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Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting provides peace of mind. It includes hosting, technical management, and updates. We ensure that your website is always running optimally, free of bugs and viruses, and current with the latest software updates and patches.


Managed Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Most inexpensive website hosting is provided cheaply by putting many websites on a single shared server. This “shared hosting” means your website is vulnerable to issues caused by other sites on the same server. If a site on a shared server gets hacked, bombarded with traffic, or has some other technical issue – it can slow down or crash your site. (It’s like when someone in your house uses up all the hot water and everybody else has to take cold showers).

With Managed Hosting, we select the best home for your website based on its unique needs and make sure your website gets its own dedicated resources that can’t be used by neighboring sites. This means better speed, security, and less costly fixes.

Using Murmur’s hosting means you won’t ever have to deal with third parties and it will take us less time to troubleshoot, fix issues, and make improvements to your site.

Murmur Web Hosting Includes:

  • Web Hosting

  • Plugin Updates

  • Security Patches

  • Managing DNS

  • Weekly Website Backups

  • Downtime Monitoring

  • Global CDN (if Murmur controls DNS records)

  • Host Environment Monitoring

We’ll monitor your hosting environment to make sure it is the best choice for your needs.



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