Fernando Cornelius Studio Pup

“The Teacher's Pet”

Weighing in at 8.5 pounds, Fernando is a spirited lap dog with years of experience inspiring creatives, licking palms, and gnawing on various mouth-sized objects. Fernando has a nose for detail, and is quick to make friends. He’ll win you over with his precious face, warm eyes, and one floppy ear.

When he’s not at Murmur Creative, Fernando pursues his passion for nature. Fernando loves trees and shrubs (and anything that somewhat resembles a tree or shrub).

To see more of Fernando, follow him on Instagram @thats_so_fernando

  • What’s your favorite tv show?

    • Lost in Space
    • Bones
    • Bonanza
    • Twin Peaks
  • What’s your hidden talent?

    • Turn Into an Animal
    • Egg Toss
    • Office Vacuum
    • Pie Eating
  • What’s your go-to fast-food order?

    • Face Meat
    • Doggy Cones - Dairy Queen
    • Beer Battered Shoe String Laces
    • Espresso Calzone
  • What are you easily swayed by?

    • Alchohol
    • Man-Bun
    • Donald Duck Voice
    • Large expanses of grass
  • What is your favorite live show?

    • David Hasselhoff on Ice
    • The Lion King on Ice
    • Aladdin on Ice
    • Bahama Men
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?

    • Catherine the Great
    • Snoop
    • Lord Byron
    • Cleopatra