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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Update

As a certified B Corporation and values-based organization that is beholden to our employees, community, and our environment, it is vital for us to do more than state our support and intentions for social justice, we must also demonstrate progress.

As strong supporters of Black Lives Matter and other BIPoC movements, we recognized action above all else is what sustains positive change. So we’ve made a push to remain accountable in our beliefs around social justice by taking a deep dive into our own DEI policies and advocacy support work. We developed a list of internal goals to kick off our efforts and as part of our accountability work, we feel it is important to share what we’ve accomplished along with the understanding there is always more that we can do. 

2021 Accomplishments:

Next Steps

While Murmur’s employee diversity exceeds Oregon’s census for ethnicity, race, and gender, our long-term goal is for Murmur’s representation to exceed the National census 40%. We will continue to audit both our hiring policies and culture and track our progress.