Website Design

We design powerful and innovative websites from the ground up with your audience in mind. We’ll combine an in depth discovery process, competitor research, the highest coding standards, beautiful aesthetics, and intuitive user experience to create an exceptional website that will resonate with your audience and improve your bottom line.


We’ll work with you to gather project requirements, branding guidelines, website examples, and traffic data to inform our direction and design strategy.

Site Structure

Determining how your site is organized and how users will traverse it is one of the most important parts of both user experience and search engine optimization. We’ll create a visual sitemap to demonstrate our strategy and gather feedback on site structure.


Wireframe are like blue-prints for your website content. They are very useful in determining where content will live on your website and how it will be organized. We will solicit feedback based on the arrangement of content and conventions expressed in the wireframe.

Design Rounds

After we have received all of the necessary feedback from the wireframe and sitemap, we will create move into design. The firs round of design is conceptual and showcases three design directions. The subsequent rounds expand on your chosen direction.


Once the designs have been approved, we will convert the final templates from Adobe Illustrator files to cross browser compliant XHTML and CSS. Animations, plugins, and special features will be programmed and tested. We will integrate the code into WordPress and do testing across all major browsers and operating systems for functionality and appearance.

Before the site goes live, we will give stakeholders ample time to test the site and offer feedback.

Responsive Design

Murmur will use a combination of responsive and adaptive techniques to make sure your site is optimized for smartphones and other touch-based internet devices. We’ll create a custom layout and navigation that works and looks great on phones and tablets. We will also make sure to abide by Google’s best practices for mobile web design.

SEO Implementation

All of our websites are created with SEO in mind from the very first steps. We will optimise every aspect of your website for better search engine results.


Once your website is launched, Murmur will supply free technical support for 14 days from the launch of the site. This includes a tutorial as well as a PDF that outlines the process upon request (Ask us about our support package for ongoing support). Any extras will be billed at our hourly rate.