We were thrilled to work with Afuri to create a variety of brand elements for their first two U.S. restaurants here in Portland.

Taichi Ishizuki of Afuri holding a sake cup

“Murmur did a wonderful job adapting our brand for a Portland audience. We couldn’t be more pleased with their work. The sake cups and T-shirts they designed sell themselves. The Murmur team is insightful, friendly, and very talented at what they do.”

Taichi Ishizuki

CEO Afuri

Table Numbers

The table numbers feature both English and Japanese versions of the numbers. Because they are a solid wood pillar, they have four degrees of visibility so tables can be easily located. In addition to creating a uniquely tactile experience, they’re also stable and simple to store.


Taking inspiration from the mountain ranges that surround both Afuri’s Japanese and Portland locations, the T-shirts feature a ramen landscape of rain and clouds (perfect ramen weather!)

Sake Cups

The sake cups continue working with the weather motif from the T-shirt design, linking Afuri’s U.S. and Japanese locations through the surrounding mountains and giving a nod to the importance of water quality in ramen making.

We wanted to translate Afuri’s existing brand personality for a Portland audience by designing from the crossroads of Tokyo and Portland aesthetics.

Andrew Bolton, Principal

Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Senior Art Director

"From the mountain landscape hiding in a ramen bowl, to the table numbers reminiscent of Japanese woodblock stamps, each piece of Afuri collateral has a storytelling component."


Afuri’s food looks as good as it tastes. We wanted our photography to showcase the finely crafted details of their dishes and the specific atmosphere of their restaurants.


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