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Wallowa Valley is an ultra-green, ultra-effective cleaning products company. They also produce cleaning solutions in refillable containers to reduce plastic waste.

Wallowa Valley’s products were unbeatable, but their former branding and design was working against them. We worked with Wallowa Valley to translate their values and unique brand attributes into a cohesive story that could be expressed across all of their touch points.

Brand Strategy

The Wallowa Valley team is driven by their belief that green products can be more effective than harsh chemicals, and they seek to challenge the rampant greenwashing in the cleaning products industry. We helped them articulate their values and mission. A distinctive challenge emerged as they navigated the juxtaposition of creating a “green” product that is both highly effective and advanced—concepts not traditionally associated in consumers’ minds. This duality presented a unique positioning challenge, demanding the development of a brand identity capable of seamlessly integrating both innovative efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Logo Design

Based in the picturesque mountains of eastern Oregon, we leveraged elements from Wallowa Valley’s old logo that are true to their character while elevating the design. With a focus on preserving the essence of the region, characterized by mountains and flowing streams, we crafted a badge that communicates a sense of purity and respect for the natural environment that are central to the brand. The typography reinforces that connection to nature by evoking themes of the wilderness and the wild west.

Packaging Design

For the packaging, our goal was to offer consumers a visual representation of the pristine, welcoming landscape of Wallowa Valley, while harnessing our strategy work and promoting Wallows’s passion for ultra-green, ultra-effective products. With a large product line for consumers to navigate, we introduced a color system and type hierarchy to better differentiate products.


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We spent a fortune with four other companies on branding, labeling, and a website. The results were not good. Then we found Murmur and they surpassed my highest hopes. Murmur listened to our team and came up with multiple ideas to achieve our goals. They adjusted, fixed, corrected, cajoled, imagined, and pushed back. We are absolutely in love with the results.

Mike Harvey

Owner, Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products

Custom Animation

We brought Wallow Valley’s branding to life with an animation for their how-to videos. Leveraging the brand’s hand-drawn style, we developed an illustration that draws itself.

Wallowa Basics

In order to reach a broader market, Wallowa created Wallowa Basics, a line of green cleaning solutions with simpler formulas and a more affordable price tag.

Wallowa Basics borrows from the parent brand but uses monochromatic illustration, a limited color palette, and an off-white bag to communicate a more utilitarian feel. The colors are borrowed from the corresponding product in the parent line to allow for easy product recognition. The overall design of the packaging is simple and leans into call-outs that speak to the brand’ ethos of powerful, earth-friendly products.

product page

Website Strategy

Having invested in a poorly executed Shopify Website in the past, we were mindful of Wallowa Valley’s budget and were able to devise a plan to implement their new branding on their existing site while improving user journeys, site structure, navigation, and more. This strategic approach yielded great results, and ensured that every click became a compelling step toward converting visitors into valued customers.

Website Design

Our collaboration with Wallowa Valley resulted in a revitalized website, where the fusion of branding, photography, packaging, and copywriting takes center stage. This impactful transformation not only breathes new life into their online presence but also positions them for heightened brand resonance, increased engagement, and lasting connections with their audience.


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