Elephants Delicatessen

Elephants Delicatessen was in need of a versatile ecommerce website with an uncompromising sense of whimsy. We were delighted to create it for them.

Elephants Delicatessen has been a beloved part of the Portland community for decades, serving gourmet local food made from scratch since 1979.

When Elephants came to us needing a new website, we were thrilled to take up the challenge of refreshing this longstanding, storied brand. We conducted extensive interviews with Elephants stakeholders in order to determine the direction their branding needed to take. We worked in collaboration with these stakeholders throughout the web design and development process, ensuring that we honored Elephants’ history as we helped them to create the future of their brand.

Elephants’ new website showcases their traditional brand colors, their memorable art deco illustrations, and their unparalleled sense of mischievous humor. We included small details like elephant link icons, callouts featuring beautiful art deco illustrations, and decorative chalkboards to create the sense of being inside a real Elephants deli. We also took extensive photographs of Elephants’ many Portland locations in order to showcase their delicious food and delightful stores.

This new website is easy to navigate from any device and includes updateable menus for every location. The site features an online Elephants’ store and a variety of ordering options that make getting your favorite Elephants’ dish as simple as clicking.

Tristan MacInnis

Tristan MacInnis

Technical Director

“Elephants had some interesting requirements that needed careful planning to combine different department needs into a coherent eCommerce experience.”

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

“A strong discovery and strategy process allowed us to key in on important use cases and identify important parts of the site that needed focused attention. We were able to retain much of the whimsy and fun design elements of their pre-existing site while modernizing the design and improving the user experience.”


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