GladRags & XO Flo

Both GladRags and XO Flo were looking for period-friendly packaging and stereotype-free branding.

GladRags and XO Flo are Portland-based, woman-owned companies that focus on environmentally progressive solutions to menstruation. Both GladRags and XO Flo want to positively transform the experience of periods by creating products that are affordable and healthy, while reducing the demand for disposables.

GladRags was founded in 1993 and its first logo invoked the somewhat traditional “moon time” imagery. With the new logo, we wanted to help GladRags step away from tired iconography and amplify the glory of common menstruation instead.

XO Flo is a new, state-of-the-art silicone menstrual cup designed with comfort and ease in mind. 
The cup was launched in early 2017 under the GladRags family banner. Because it was a new design and logo (opposed to a refresh) we were able to go a little more “out there.” The unique, feminine boxes move away from traditional, more medical menstruation packaging of the past. What we developed has been called “an absolute period changer,” among other fabulous things.

Together, the XO Flo + GladRags combo is the ultimate progressive monthly package.

“When I heard @gladragspads had launched their own cup, XO Flo, I was like, MAMA NEEDS! It’s so comfortable to wear and the design and packaging are beyond dope! 👌 - Instagram user @veganbeautyreview

“The cup box for the XO Flo by @gladragspads is BEAUTIFUL!”
– Instagram user @ecofluffymama

“I just received my new cup from @gladragspads!!! I’m really excited about trying it because I’ve only used one menstrual cup brand till now and it’s completely different from this one. The packaging is so f****** beautiful 👌🏻 Congrats @gladragspads, you’ve made a piece of art for our vagigis 🌷” – Instagram user @anoncrafts



The best branding and packaging. Period.
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