Good Foods

Good Foods needed standout packaging for their plant based products.


Good Foods’ newest product is a line of healthy, decadent dips that celebrates the goodness of real ingredients. They focus on freshness through innovative packaging technology and forgo preservatives.

We designed packaging to speak to the plant focus of these delicious dips. Capturing each flavor in its own design, we highlighted key ingredients in a colorful foliage motif. Each flavor’s color scheme compliments the dip itself, visible through the clear container. The key areas of the design leave plenty of space for the flavor name to shine and for important “Plant Based” and “Clean” ingredients callouts.

Zipporah Vannata

Zipporah Vannata

Senior Designer

“We loved working with Good Foods on this new product line: building out flavor profiles through botanical illustrations and creating rich color palettes customized to each flavor. We also got to snack on these dips for inspiration, which is most definitely the best Queso scenario.”

Salad Dressing

After the plant based dips hit the shelves, it was time to revive the Good Foods salad dressing line. Good Foods loved their new aesthetic for the dips which incorporated new flavor color palettes and ingredient illustrations. For brand recognition we expanded that look and feel to their current salad dressing bottles.

Good Foods salad dressing packaging

Krystal Jeffries

Brand Producer

Good Foods' dressings are just as fresh and delicious as their dips. And, now, they have the beautiful packaging to show it!


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