Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go Go sought a new identity and website to keep pace with their growth and help them connect with new audiences.


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Hash House A Go Go is a unique midwest inspired restaurant chain with locations in Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, and beyond.

Over the course of a year, we completely rebranded Hash House A Go Go and launched a new custom website. We worked closely with the restaurant chain’s founder, Johnny Rivera, to develop a brand identity that incorporated all the unique elements of the brand. We flew back and forth across the country to take photos, eat amazing food, and steep ourselves in the Hash House A Go Go experience. The website showcases the brand we developed, the delicious food we photographed, the copy we wrote, and the strategy that tied it all together.

Logo Before and After

The tractor is quintessential Hash House. It represents the connection to agriculture and to the heart of the country that the restaurant grew out of. Full-sized tractors are even a feature of many Hash House restaurants. We added detail, texture, and dimension to the mark. We added energetic rays behind the tractor. The style gestures towards pop-art with a stamp or silk-screen feel.

Zipporah Vannata

Zipporah Vannata

Senior Designer

“When starting the brand refresh, it was important to refine the current logo to take the brand to the next level. We wanted to retain brand authenticity and stay connected to all the Hash House A Go Go lovers (and future lovers) out there.”

The Sub-Brands

The sub-brand family of logos is inspired by Hash House’s signature dishes. We focused in on important Hash House icons like the HH tractor, the Milford grain silo, the Indiana hammer, and a variety of key ingredients.

Hash House A Go Go Sub-Brands
Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton

Owner & Creative Director

“The sub-brands incorporate playful nods to the parent brand’s tractor and extend the same pop-art inspired graphic style.”

The Website

The new website needed to feel like stepping into a Hash House restaurant, full of beautiful food and lively guests.  

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

“Hash House is a big restaurant with big food and lots of personality – this had to come through on their website. We emphasized their delicious, larger-than-life dishes by incorporating mouth-watering images throughout the site. We added playful animations that brought their fun and twisted brand to life. A clear site structure is key to helping customers find exactly what they need among Hash House’s many locations. We created a clean menu system, interesting callouts, and intuitive search functions to make the site a breeze to navigate.”

Tim Acock

Tim Acock


“It was really fun to photograph Hash House's outlandish and delicious dishes. I love seeing them come alive on the website.”

Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton

Exec. Web Director

“We wanted to bestow each Hash House restaurant with a beautiful and unique landing page to reflect the unique qualities of each location. We also built the site so that location managers have their own logins to update location-specific events, specials, photos, menus and more.”

Miranda Schmidt

Brand Strategist

Hash House has always been active within their local communities, but they don’t like to brag (except about their giant flapjacks!). We worked with them to find ways to call out their community outreach and supportive employee culture in ways that felt authentic to them and would communicate with values-minded millennial customers.

The Menus

A restaurant’s menu is a guide, an expression of the brand which directly informs a customer’s choices and dining experience. For Hash House, we wielded big type, midwest scenery, the sub-brands, and strategic call-outs to create a fun and immersive experience. The branding elements we developed for the menus informed the style and tone of the website as well as other brand assets.

The Brandbook

Creating an impactful new logo and identity for a brand is the first step. Ensuring this new identity is displayed beautifully across a wide variety of media is the next. The brandbook we developed for Hash House serves as a guide for any designer tasked with developing additional assets for the brand. It includes a wide variety of examples of usage and “dos and don’ts” for brand execution.


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