KPA’s branding and website needed to reflect the forward-thinking nature of their business.


KPA Logo Variations

KPA is fast-growing company that needed branding to unify acquisitions and a website that could move as fast as they do.

For over 30 years, KPA has helped 10,000 + clients achieve regulatory compliance, protect assets, and retain top talent.

KPA provides Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and Workforce Compliance software and services for mid-sized businesses. KPA solutions help clients identify, remedy, and prevent workplace safety and compliance problems across their entire enterprise. 

KPA Logo Before and After


The KPA mission to help clients improve safety, lower risk and save money calls for a company logo mark that exudes stability. We re-envisioned KPA’s existing logo by honing in on it’s diamond shape and adding gradations to reflect the old logo’s multiple colors. The KPA gemstone’s structural integrity mirrors the KPA core ethos and is symbolic of KPA’s multifaceted product offerings. 

This enduring image mark reflects the brand’s aspirational legacy with a creative foundation and color scheme that will separate KPA from the competition. KPA’s new logo and product line logo set are versatile, with both gradient and linework versions that can be used in different contexts. 


Dana Leung

Dana Leung


“We explored various options on how to refresh KPA's signature diamond in their previous logo. We ultimately decided on a gradated gemstone that calls back to their old logo but modernizes their new branding.”

Subbrands & Naming

Vera is a take on Verify because it is what their software does but it also means “truth.” We came up with hundreds of names and ran all our favorites past copyright lawyers. Vera was well liked and passed copyright inspection for our use. We wanted short names that could be appended to a wide variety of services because they are a fast growing company that is buying other companies and quickly adding services. Formerly they had lots of services with different names that had been inherited from their acquisitions.

KPA Product Logos
Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton

Exec. Web Director

“We came up with hundreds of potential naming options for KPA's software (Vera Suite). It was tough to narrow it down. We loved how versatile "vera" was when paired with a descriptor. Vera means truth and also evokes the "verification" aspect of KPA's safety software.”


In a somewhat crowded market, KPA’s wealth of knowledge and accessibility are what give them a competitive edge. Their new branding solidifies this identity, while their new website really shows it in action. Whether it’s a new visitor looking for a demo or an existing customer looking to access their robust resource library, every click through KPA’s new site guides the user towards creating a continuing connection with the company.

Dani Ramsby

Dani Ramsby

Senior UI/UX Designer

“Branding lays the foundation for a website’s design, so I was excited for the opportunity to expand upon our team’s beautiful work. Our open, collaborative process ensured the delivery of a cohesive, well-rounded website highlighting the client’s position at the leading edge of compliance software.”

KPA-Vera-EHS desktop, graphic

Iconography Set

We designed KPA’s icons to reflect the shape and linework of their secondary logo and to read quickly on their website.

KPA Iconography Grid
KPA Square Brochure Stack

Print Collateral

We had the exciting task of applying KPA’s new branding across their print collateral. Carefully chosen gradients pair with secondary logos 

As KPA’s branding was made with versatility in mind, applying their new branding to collateral was a breeze. Carefully chosen gradients for their brand can be seen used throughout their collateral, paired with their secondary logo to bring their branding across anything from tablecloths to business cards.


Zipporah Vannata

Zipporah Vannata

Senior Designer

“Many don’t realize that a page full of text can be difficult for viewers to digest. We created new templates for software brochures and ebooks using a new type of hierarchy and color palettes so that viewers can easily absorb the information.”

KPA Brochure Spread
KPA Brochure Spread
KPA Brochure Spread
KPA stationery suite
Before and After of KPA ebook template

Digital Collateral

We incorporated KPA’s new branding into downloadable ebooks for compliance training. We created a clear type hierarchy for ease of reading. Flexible formatting allows updates for multiple circumstances and dimensions are optimized for online viewing.

KPA ebook template pages
KPA branded tradeshow booth


We designed KPA’s trade show environment to be color forward to promote brand recognition and we utilized all the space of their environment. By designing both the front and back of the booth elements to ensure that from whatever angle, onlookers knew they were KPA.




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