Lion Heart Kombucha

Lion Heart Kombucha is a longtime studio favorite. We were thrilled by the opportunity to reimagine this unique beverage brand. 

"Sales increased 50% in two months, with further growth potential. They blew away all our expectations... The owner himself came to meetings with good ideas and enthusiasm."

-Jared Englund, Owner of Lion Heart Kombucha

A local Portland company, Lion Heart has been making consistently delicious kombucha for years. Their kombucha is high quality, low sugar, and awesomely healthy. Lion Heart liked the way their former logo incorporated a heart to represent love and positivity and a lion for courage and strength.

We decided to steer away from the representational imagery of their former logo and focus instead on more symbolic elements. We wanted the logo to reflect the fresh and lively qualities of the brand in a more mature context.

We developed a statuesque lion face surrounded by a botanical mane. The corners of the mane are tipped with leaf-like hearts. The lion’s face is secretive and wise, while the mane holds Lion Heart’s playful, more whimsical, qualities.

Lion Heart packaging jazzberry wild blueberry

Using Lion Heart's new brand identity as our guide, we developed new packaging for all 6 of their flavors.

We spent hours in grocery aisles developing a color palette and style that would make Lion Heart stand out on the shelf. We also recommended a new tagline “Dry Kombucha” in order to call attention to their low sugar profile. And we called attention to Lion Heart’s Oregon locale.

Lion Heart’s new packaging has just begun to roll out, and both customers and vendors have had nothing but good things to say about the new design. Keep an eye out for Lion Heart Kombucha next time you’re out shopping!

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