Monti Verdi

Monti Verdi aspired to evolve their salumi brand with aesthetics inspired by their Italian heritage.

Monti Verdi crafts authentic Italian salami from ethically-raised pigs on their beautiful farm in Vermont.

Monti Verdi (which translates as “Green Mountain” in Italian) was looking for branding work and an eCommerce website that would evoke their Italian roots, showcase their dedicated craftsmanship, and portray the idyllic setting and way of life at their Vermont farm.

Working with Murmur not only resulted in a great logo and a slick website that represents us and our philosophy, but helped us tackle important conversations and discussions that improved our overall brand and the clarity of our mission. It was very easy to work with everyone on the team, and overall we had a great experience. We would recommend them to anyone!

Alessandra Rellini

Owner, Monti Verdi

Monti verdi logos showcased in different variations

Logo Design

We paired a deco-era sans serif with a striking hand-scrawled script to fully embrace Italian character through typography. Anchored above, a simplistic graphic of a spool of twine represents the heart of the traditional salumi process and is uniquely important to Monti Verdi.

Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Design Director

“For the logo, we wanted to highlight Monti Verdi’s Italian roots and salami-making process. The logo is a stylized depiction of the spool of twine that's integral to the salami-making process. The act of using twine is a process unique to the Italian origins of the owners. We then paired that with a wordmark that has a classic, timeless feel, to create a nostalgic but stylish monogram.”

Monti verdi label before and after redesign

Packaging Design

We worked closely with founders Alessandra and Stefano to explore packaging concepts that drew on particular aspects of Italian design while never neglecting their American locale. It was important that, while clearly Italian, the new packaging paid homage to a pastoral Vermont aesthetic. We designed a custom butcher paper wrap inspired by Italian textiles that features a pattern of native red clover that the animals feed on, directly contributing to the quality of the finished product. An asymmetrical layering of labels brings a sense of modernity to the traditional composition and border treatments.

monti verdi packaging examples
Tory Cunningham

Tory Cunningham

Senior Designer

“Monti Verdi wasn’t looking for what’s generally accepted as “authentic” Italian in American design. Rather, they wanted packaging that would utilize the aesthetics of Italian fashion houses known around the world, combined with the down-to-earth visuals of their Vermont farm.”

monti verdi website split sheet call out

Website Design

For Monti Verdi’s website, we wanted to bring out rustic elements inspired by the farm, while maintaining an Italian sleekness. The homepage features beautiful photography of the Vermont property, with a string of twine elegantly running down the page as users scroll through, paying homage to the salami-making process.

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

"It was a treat to work with the beautiful branding created by our design team and weave it into a dynamic user experience with fun interactions, and beautiful photography. The folks over at Monti Verdi were a pleasure to work with and made great partners."

mobile mockup of product page
monti verdi website mobile mockup
monti verdi website mobile mockup
monti verdi website example

Website Development

While developing Monti Verdi’s website, simplicity was at the forefront of our minds. We chose a headless CMS that simplifies the content editing process allowing them to: get in, make quick changes, and get back to running their business as quickly as possible.

Tristan MacInnis

Tristan MacInnis

Technical Director

“We built the website with 11ty and hosted the site on Netlify which is our go-to stack for no-fuss data requirements, stable builds, and rock-solid security. There were some fun animation and layout interactions to build. It takes careful precision to create a sense of randomness that is both responsive and content-aware.”


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photo of salami and wine pairing