Oh Planning + Design

Oh Planning + Design sought a standout website to embody the creative culture of their architecture firm.

The site design is playful in a way that is unique among architecture firms. Reflecting the culture of Oh Planning + Design, creative elements show through in dynamic videos, colorful animations, and artistic flourishes.

Oh isn’t afraid to go bold so we created a dynamic homepage that put their biggest differentiators front and center. The bright colors and above-fold headings identify Oh Planning as a women-owned and sustainable firm. Vining details and an image of leaves highlight Oh’s environmental commitment.

Project Pages

The site’s project pages feature generous imagery to show different aspects of each project. Photographs form gallery carousels that allow users to move through architectural spaces. These image focused pages include brief copy and project highlights.

Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

Exec. Director of Client Services

“It's always exciting when a client wants you to give them a site that will clearly stand out among the rest in their industry. Oh's new website does exactly that. One aspect that sets this site apart is that we’re showcasing this as a woman-owned firm with bold typography, and bright, feminine colors that change with gradients as you scroll through the site. We are proud to have such a thoughtful and progressive firm as a client.”


Oh needed a space to collect their thinking on sustainability and green initiatives. The ECOH section of their website creates a space to collect sustainability resources, goals, and information. This section features green tones and highlights to indicate a dedication to creatively engaging with environmental concerns.

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

“Oh Planning is distinct in their approach to architecture, work, and culture, so we wanted to clearly differentiate them from Portland’s crowded architecture field. Making their site vibrant and colorful with a warm, bright color palette, we created a fun, inclusive and female-forward experience that broke away from other black and white, masculine and stodgy architecture firms in the area.”

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