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Paradise Helicopters envisioned an immersive website that brought Hawaii’s rich culture and stunning beauty to life.

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As Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated helicopter company, Paradise offers a new perspective on the wonders of the islands.

Exploring Hawaii with Paradise Helicopters is like limo service in the air. Their Custom Adventures are the perfect mixture of breathtaking views, exclusive landing locations, gourmet foods, and unforgettable moments. Our job was to create a website experience that brought all of this to life online.

"The entire team at Paradise Helicopters is completely thrilled with our new website from our CEO to our ground crew! We were nervous about the huge undertaking of building a new website and Murmur could not have made the entire process any smoother for us. Their attention to detail, flexibility, creativity, and professionalism from start to finish is everything a new website requires - and it is evident in all aspects of our new website."

Tiffany McHowell

Marketing Manager at Paradise Helicopters

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We worked closely with Paradise to tell their story, draw out their unique differentiators, and showcase their amazing video and photography. We retooled their site structure to increase SEO traffic and improve user experience.

Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton

Exec. Web Director

"This was an amazingly fun project to work on. Surprisingly, the most challenging aspect of the project was vocabulary! Establishing shared vocabulary for the various kinds of helicopter tours in ways that would make sense to users put us to the test. But I’m really pleased with the solutions we landed on."

The Paradise Difference
Connor Cajigal

Connor Cajigal

Content Strategist

"Paradise Helicopters was a fantastic client to work with, their knowledge of the aviation industry is top-notch, and the care they have for the people and land they operate on is second to none. The most rewarding experience for me on this project was helping them showcase those unique differentiators, “The Paradise Difference."

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Our first objective was to streamline Paradise’s tours, custom adventures, charters, and experiences. Along with this, we had to help users identify important details like which island tours departed from and where on the island to catch their helicopter. Once the user journeys were established and the site structure finalized, we revitalized their brand with beautiful imagery, detailed descriptions, and customized animations. We refreshed their color palette and typography and refined their calls-to-action and microcopy.

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Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

"It was a wonderful partnership that we have developed with Paradise. Through educating the client and engaging with them throughout every stage of the process, we landed on a site that both pleased and delighted the client, but will also be a powerful marketing tool."

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In building out a large complex site for Paradise, page loading time was a major consideration. We chose to use a modern static site generator to create a beautifully engaging website that would not only load the high res photos and videos quickly – for improved user experience – but also scan pages easily for boosted SEO capabilities. We paired the generator with an easy-to-use CMS system giving the client powerful on-page editing capabilities. 

Special consideration also went into integrating a high-caliber tour booking system, recognizing this feature was essential for a tour business. We ensured the interface was user-friendly and retained the same polished look and feel as the rest of the website.

Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

Exec. Director of Client Services

"Working with the team at Paradise was a dream. Their enthusiasm and trust in our process lasted throughout the project. We had a true partnership, which is what we strive for with all of our clients. Paradise now has a website that makes it easy for people to experience the incredible beauty of Hawaii, and make their dreams come true!"

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