Sasquatch Brewing Co.

Sasquatch Brewing is all about good beer, community, and all the mysterious joys of living in the Northwest. We wanted to update their brand and website to embody that vision.

Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton

Owner & Creative Director

“Sasquatch Brewing sees the mythical Sasquatch as a representation of the wonder found in the forests of the Northwest. Their new logo captures this spirit with a detailed woodcut illustration of a Sasquatch's hand holding a glass of beer. The glass is like a beacon, held high to celebrate the region and the art of craft brewing.”

The Website

Taking inspiration from the Northwest landscape and the trails that lead us through it, our design features unique map-like details and topographic flourishes. Icons are drawn in the same style as the logo and callouts are bordered with path imagery. Our developers found unique and innovative solutions in order to implement these intricate design elements.


The Tagline

Sasquatch Brewing’s voice is celebratory, jubilant, and full of personality. We developed the tagline, “Beer for Believers” because it expresses the passion that people feel for Sasquatch’s craft beers while nodding to the enthusiasts that believe that an elusive large-footed creature stalks the forests of the Northwest.

The Beer

Sasquatch has a unique and ever-changing taplist that needed to be featured on their new website. We created an easy-to-update database of their beers and ciders so that users could easily search by criteria like style, IBU, and ABV.


We sought to capture the distinct characters of Sasquatch Brewing’s two locations and their uniquely delicious menus. The Hillsdale location has more of a “cabin in the woods” aesthetic, evoking a sense of old Portland among the old growth trees. The Northwest location is more industrial with the cool, clean, and modern aesthetic of contemporary Portland.

We’re believers in extraordinary design
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