Take Two Foods

Take Two needed a brand worthy of their revolutionary and sustainable new products.


Take Two Bottle Lineup

A sustainable brand on a quest to make an impact, Take Two is taking on big milk and proving that plant-based is even more delicious.

Made with rejuvenated barley, a byproduct repurposed from the brewing industry, Take Two is a plant-based milk that’s packed with taste and nutrition. Take Two needed to create a brand identity that embodied revolutionary sustainability and could compete in both plant-based and cow’s milk categories.

Take Two Logo lockup

Branding & Naming

We started with a name. It needed to be catchy and fun, while expressing the brand’s message of embracing second chances. After a series of workshops, we stumbled on the perfect fit. Take Two embodies the ideas of invention, new approaches, and the opportunity to try again. The logo updates a classic milk aesthetic with texture, dimension, and leafy forms that nod to its innovative plant origins.

Miranda Schmidt

Brand Strategist

The Take Two team was full of inspiration and energy, making our naming workshops rich in generative ideas. When we hit on Take Two, we all knew it was the perfect embodiment of this brand’s joyful spirit and game-changing mission.

Take Two Lifestyle Photo Playing a Game
Twins holding Take Two Barley Milk bottles


Inspired by glass milk bottles, Take Two’s packaging captures a sense of nostalgia while using saturated color to stand out in a landscape of cream. Each milk variety has its own unique hue to help guide and inspire  consumers.

Take Two Bottle Varieties
Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Design Director

“We were heavily inspired by scripts on classic glass milk bottles for the Take Two wordmark to capture the idea that Take Two is more than a milk replacement. Adding dimension and texture added a modern filter.”

Take Two CEO Sarah Pool

“Our brand identity was more than just a design. It captured the essence of our company, our mission, and our desire to delight customers. There is great design, excellent design, and then there is true genius design (authentic, original, unique, timeless) — Murmur delivers the latter. They’re a tried and true partner that has helped us time and time again achieve our company’s dream and objectives.”

Jerek Theo Lovey

Take Two Co-founder & CEO
Subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch

Animated Take Two homepage


Take Two’s website needed to feature the product as the mission of this company and tell the story of a best-in-class plant-based milk taking on a flawed system. The first thing users see as they land on the site is a bottle of Take Two on a wave of milk with the word “Milk” outlined in the background. This bold imagery positions Take Two as the milk of the future. Throughout the site, copy and imagery combine to energize a revolutionary spirit and invite consumers to be a part of an inspiring movement in plant-based milk.

Dani Ramsby

Dani Ramsby

Senior UI/UX Designer

“Take Two’s website is an ode to nature. Serene photography, luscious green swatches, and playfully animated leaves remind visitors that the choice to drink Take Two is a choice to support a healthier planet.”

Krystal Jeffries

Brand Producer

Working with the Take Two team was such an amazing experience! It was great to be able to watch their brand be built from the ground up, and that Murmur was able to create a fun and playful brand for such a unique product. We truly functioned as a collaborative team and had a ton of fun in the process.

Man holding Vanilla Take Two bottle
Woman holding Original Take Two bottle

Print Collateral

We designed a series of eye-catching sell sheets to highlight the product line with a rich natural color pallette. Take Two’s stickers and T-shirts expressed a breadth of messaging designed to celebrate sustainability in a fun way to fit any style.

Social Media

We created social media campaigns to highlight Take Two’s environmental impact, nutritional content, versatility, and taste. Featuring the packaging brand colors and playing off the name and logo, the evergreen social collateral captures the heart of Take Two’s mission to provide better nutrition and better taste while creating a more sustainable world.

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