The Teff Company

The Teff Company wanted to boost their brand while paying homage to the Ethiopian roots of an ancient grain.

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For 30 years the Teff Company has been growing an ancient, powerhouse grain in Idaho’s Snake River region.

Teff, a grain no bigger than a poppy seed, is densely packed with beneficial nutrients. Ethiopians and Eritreans have known this for thousands of years. As the Teff Company sought to breathe new life into their American-grown teff brand, they hoped to bring in some modernity while continuing to pay homage to Ethiopian tradition.
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Messaging Strategy

Our goal was to tell the Teff Company story in a clear, concise, and compelling way. The key was to balance product history and relevance to the modern consumer. We did this by providing clear definitions of the grain and examples of how to use it in new and familiar recipes.


Alyson Turner

Brand Strategist

“In our approach to Teff’s messaging, we wanted anyone who picked up the package to get a sense of its cultural significance, as well as its usefulness in their own lives.”

masak teff logo variations

Logo Design

The Teff Company wanted a modernized version of their logo that didn’t sacrifice its original heritage. Our approach involved streamlining the lion iconography, incorporating a stylized geometric look, and adding some teff grain tail details to compliment the new packaging.

ivory teff flour bags on a seafoam green background

Packaging Design

The Teff Company’s new packaging was heavily inspired by Ethiopian textiles and traditional pattern design. We created a unique sun pattern using these motifs to celebrate the cultural connection while giving the brand an original look and feel.

brown teff flour packaging on lilac background
The organization, communication, and creativity of Murmur's team was fantastic. They have a team of skilled listeners who were able to spin elements of our story into great design ideas. The website process was also smooth and painless. Murmur was always patient with us. There were a lot of moving parts on our side, but their team was always patient and helpful.

Royd Carlson

Marketing and Agricultural Manager


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Website Design

For the website design, we wanted to bring in a playful and colorful aesthetic using eye-catching patterns. We added beautiful icons, button hover effects, and engaging animations to add to the overall visual appeal. By utilizing Woocommerce as the eCommerce platform, we were able to balance visual elements and functionality for an enjoyable user experience.



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