Tillamook Maker's Reserve

We made a mouth-watering microsite to help Tillamook distinguish its Maker’s Reserve line of aged cheeses.


Tillamook’s Maker’s Reserve cheeses are high quality aged cheddars made with extra care and attention to taste. These award-winning cheeses each have a unique tasting profile.

The microsite needed to integrate with the overarching Tillamook brand while indicating the unique artisanal nature of Maker’s Reserve Cheeses.

The site design takes much of its inspiration from the Maker’s Reserve packaging, featuring linework that mimics the lines of the labels. The color palette features the Maker’s Reserve sophisticated white and black with gold ornamentation to highlight the richness of these singular cheeses.

Experiential Pages

The microsite’s pages are designed to invite users to savor the experience of Maker’s Reserve. From a process page that leads users through each step of the cheesemaking, to a pairings page that inspires flavorful adventures, the site embodies the dynamic and discerning taste of the brand.


To match Tillamook’s familiar voice, we studied the brand’s existing copy. The Maker’s Reserve site needed to harmonize with the rest of the brand while striking the right tone for cheesemongers and expert enthusiasts. After researching competitor sites, talking to actual cheesemongers, and studying the language surrounding the Maker’s Reserve cheeses and pairings, we created snappy headings and delicious descriptions, honing each piece of copy to its finest point.

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

“Tillamook was a dream client for the Murmur team. We created a curated experience for the inner cheesemonger in us all as well as actual cheesemongers. Referencing the Maker’s Reserve product lines' colors, iconography, and line work we created a microsite that elevated the brand and experience.”

Amy Hwang

Amy Hwang

Senior Developer

“We were able to build a classy microsite that really differentiated Maker’s Reserve from the rest of the Tillamook products. It was fun developing a simple static site that is sleek and engaging with mouth-watering photos, a video of the wonderful Tillamook landscape, elegant layouts, and a variety of subtle animations.”


With dark backgrounds and highly detailed close-ups, we captured these delicious cheeses in their very best lights. Photographs convey the complex tastes of suggested pairings and the unique flavors of each year’s cheddar.


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