Wasa Crispbread

Wasa was looking to reinvigorate crispbread
in the American market.

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Wasa makes traditional Swedish crispbread with real wholesome ingredients and a distinctly satisfying crunch.

To bring crispbread to the next generation, Wasa wanted to revamp its packaging with modern design, updated photography, and compelling copywriting.

All Wasa packages laid out stylistically
Murmur did an excellent job to modernize the brand in a fresh, playful, and authentic way. I couldn’t be happier with the packaging redesign and feel confident it will help us gain new users to the brand. Our refreshed design is contemporary and playful, while remaining simple, as a nod to the brand’s heritage and to reflect the authentic, natural ingredients within our crispbreads.

Lori Schwartz

Brand Manager, Wasa

Wasa packaging before and after

A Packaging Revolution

We endeavored to develop a modern and energetic packaging identity for Wasa while staying authentic to their Scandinavian roots. We employed a bold color pallet and irreverently skewed typography. We used naturalistic photography to capture the unique texture of the crispbread. The result was impactful and eye-catching. We’ve since seen dozens of examples of grocery stores using Wasa’s new packaging on endcaps and in displays.

Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Senior Art Director

“Shopping at European delicatessens when I was little, I was personally familiar with the Wasa brand. It was easy to see how this little-known product was falling short in the American market with its original quiet, safe packaging. I’m proud to be a part of the team breathing new life into a brand steeped in tradition.”

Wasa front and back packaging

Packaging Copywriting

The packaging copy needed to effectively communicate the distinct flavor and textures of each unique crispbread product. We included some short informational tidbits on what the product is but also how Wasa’s environmental efforts set them apart from the competition.

Paul Violante

Paul Violante

Brand Producer

“We love a good packaging challenge, and Wasa was no exception! Translating our photography and design concepts into print, coordinating with stakeholders and printers halfway around the world, and implementing a game-changing rebrand for a historic snack has been a truly rewarding experience.”

Don’t let your branding go a rye.

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Wasa crackers laid out with food on them

Photography Direction

Photography was strategically shot to look incredibly crisp, with delicious approachable food pairings that showcase the versatility of the product. One key component is the use of crumbs and jagged edges that immerse the consumer in the realness and authenticity of the product.

Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

Exec. Director of Client Services

“Wasa has been making Crispbread for over 100 years. Honoring a heritage brand while modernizing the look and feel of a brand is something Murmur truly excels at. It was fun for our team to work on a global brand, and collaborate with talented people in Sweden!”

Pink and yellow wasa packaging


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