Logo Design

Logo Design Process

Logo design requires creativity, skill, research, and an eagle eye for detail. Our rigorous design process insures that your new logo will not only be a beautiful and memorable mark, but also exemplify your business and stand the test of time.

Discovery & Research

We’ll work closely with you to identify, not just your aesthetic tastes, but also the personality and values of your brand in order to design a logo that is emblematic of your mission. We’ll gather a great deal of information about you and your business during the discovery process. We’ll collect logo examples and typographic styles based on your feedback. We’ll also conduct research on design styles, your competitive landscape, and more.

Design Rounds

The logo design process will take place in multiple rounds (usually 3). In the first round, we will develop a series of black and white digital sketches based on what we have discussed with you, including typographic exploration and brand concepting. We’ll solicit feedback based on our initial sketches and use this information to move forward.

Design Refinements

After each round, we will apply the feedback that we received from the previous round of revisions and hone in on the design.

Color Round

The final design round is the color round. Having decided on the major design elements of your logo, we will focus on meticulously fine tuning the color, typography, and form of your logo.

Once you’re absolutely happy with your new logo, it will be delivered in all of the major digital file formats. We will include all typefaces and Pantone, CMYK, and RBG color information.

(Additional rounds of design are always available and billed at our hourly rate).

Brand Book

In cases where we have developed a complete visual identity for your brand, Murmur will also create a brand guidelines document for your business. The brand book will include color palettes, typefaces, type hierarchy, photography and graphic style guidelines that can be used by future developers and designers to create a unified brand image for your business. This document will also outline the intended use for each file type in your logo package. Deliverables will include a PDF of the document. A beautifully bound physical brand book is available, also.