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Adventure Wagon is a one-stop shop for converting your van to be adventure ready.

Innovators in forging adaptable van systems built for real life, Adventure Wagon needed a website that could do the heavy lifting in producing a great user experience. Our job was to create an intuitive and interactive design to guide users through their van customization journey.

Brand Strategy

Adventure Wagon found that customers were often confused by the various ways they can help with adventure vehicle conversion. We designed the site to meet each user according to their goals and needs.

Adventure Wagon Before/after

Logo Evolution

There was a lot of value in the existing combination of monogram and mountain symbology, so our goal for the logo was to refresh this mark and bring out the utility of the mountain A-frame motif. Inspired by Adventure Wagon’s “van life for real life” approach, we framed the mountain icon in a comfortable home inside a geometric hex shape, emphasizing the pragmatic and adaptable nature of the modular conversion systems. The old typographic mark lacked character, so we created a custom wordmark of rounded edges contrasted with sharp angles to create a sleek, dynamic form that would function well on its own.

Dana Leung

Dana Leung


“We explored different ways to make the mark more functional as a badge, and the hex shape was the most successful at communicating the utilitarian and adaptable image of their brand. We then refined the original logotype to become more aerodynamic and fast, communicating adventure and a yearning for travel.”


Van Configurator

In order to guide users on their Adventure Wagon journey, we created a custom wizard that renders 3D graphics for a visual experience. We wanted to gently walk users through the process of customizing their van in an intuitive and accessible way. The wizard features options and pricing that update automatically as users make their selections. Additionally for DIYers, we built a robust tutorial library for Adventure Wagon’s Youtube videos along with written descriptions.



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The mission for the site was to provide the best user experience in the van conversion industry. Murmur delivered a beautiful site with a visual configurator that allows potential customers to completely customize their build. The site increased engagement by lowering bounce rates and increasing session duration. It also solidified Adventure Wagon’s position as a leader in our industry. Mission accomplished.

Kurt Schreiner

Marketing Director at Adventure Wagon

The Marketplace

Adventure Wagon wanted to expand their reach beyond just van conversion with an eCommerce marketplace, positioning them as a strong contender in the outdoor retail market. Additionally, we introduced a product reviews section where they could establish themselves as a reliable resource for product recommendations. Customers can now rely on the Adventure Wagon not only for custom van conversion, but also as a trusted destination for quality outdoor gear.


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