Durant needed to bring it’s three brands together under a single label. We worked to bring Durant Vineyards, Oregon Olive Mill, and Red Ridge Farms into one consistent brand.

The Durant family was one of the earlier vineyards in Oregon. Since then, they’ve sought out olives that thrive in our Oregon climate and built the first commercial olive mill in Oregon.

In order to determine how best to bring the elements of this brand together, we needed to dig deep into the history and philosophy of Durant. We found a company that’s rooted in the land, with a commitment to stewardship, and a dedication to blazing new trails.


We created a collection of logos for Durant to evoke the pioneering spirit of the family business. The custom typeface evokes the old West, while the graceful arc and classic color palette create a sense of timeless elegance. The overarching mark is finished with botanical flourishes while the olive oil and vineyard variations have their own unique flourishes.

Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Art Director

From start to finish, this rebrand found us honoring the Durant family’s founding presence in the Dundee Hills wine region. We landed on a look that feels uniquely American in a crowded global wine industry, and one that sets Durant apart as a destination for epicureans looking for a genuine experience.


Through a series of workshops, we determined the key pillars of the Durant brand, including a rootedness in the western landscape and a trailblazing spirit. We worked from here to determine Durant’s brand values, mission, vision, differentiators, and their central customer personas. Durant’s Brand Strategy document contains both internally and externally facing copy that outlines the most important tenets of their brand. This document is meant to support long term brand growth and can help drive future creative work for Durant.


We began our packaging work with Durant’s 45th anniversary series of Oregon Pinot Noir and estate Olive Oil. For these special products, we created high end, ornamental packaging with opulent embossing, foiling, and die-cutting. For Durant’s regular olive oils, we used apothecary style packaging that highlights the the varietals. For the wine, we incorporated all the components of a classic wine label into an unusually shaped label. We also featured a woodcut raven illustration to honor Penny Durant’s love of birds and the role they have played in Durant’s history.

Olive oil photography by Lee McCollins of Durant and Karlee Sisler Flores of Olive and Artisan.


Lee McCollins holding Durant olive oil bottle

“Working with the team at Murmur Creative has been extraordinary, from start to finish. The community’s response to our new presentation as been enthusiastically positive – backed up by a solid increase in revenue. Beyond being professional, thorough and imaginative, the team at Murmur are just super cool people that make a somewhat daunting process seem effortless.”

Lee McCollins

Marketing Director at Durant Vineyard


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