Portland Cider Company

Portland Cider Company needed a sophisticated new look to reflect the quality of their delicious award-winning ciders.
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Portland Cider Company is raising the bar for Northwest craft cider.

A new polished look and feel to reflect Portland Cider Company’s award-winning status. We developed a clean packaging system to work for their year-round, seasonal, and small batch ciders as well as a spiffy new logo to take center stage across the brand.

We were beyond impressed with the Murmur team. They took the time to understand our brand, history, and the ciders we take pride in crafting... Not only did they show exceptional creativity every step of the way, but there was a consistent strategy and high level of customer service along the way.

Jeff and Lynda Parrish

Founders and Owners of Portland Cider Company

a spread of logo variations explored during the projects


Portland Cider Company’s original logo was recognizable because of its color and shape. After exploring a number of alternate directions we ultimately landed on an upgraded version of Portland Cider’s original big red apple. We wanted to retain familiarity while adding a new level of elevation and clearly communicate their expertise, trust, and dedication to creating great cider.

We refined the apple shape to create more negative space and added gold metallic detailing and custom typography for elegance and sophistication. We chose to feature the logo largely on the cartons, allowing it to become a major part of the packaging design and aid in brand recognition.

Tory Cunningham

Tory Cunningham

Senior Designer

"With a widely recognized brand in the PNW, Portland Cider Co. wanted to retain the brand equity that their original apple mark/logo expressed. We were able to come out of the process upgrading their logo and packaging into a clean, vibrant look that encompassed the original, but stood out on its own."

Portland Cider Before and After

Before & After

Portland Cider Company’s original logo was immediately recognizable in shape and color but needed an aesthetic shift to communicate trust and value to consumers. Elevating the logo with serifs and a more prominent namesake typographic structure allowed the new logo to showcase Portland Cider Co.’s dedication to creating great cider.

Portland cider cans and packaging on a bar countertop


Our goal for Portland Cider was to elevate their overall branding to create cohesion across their cider lines. Inspired by the clean, sophisticated designs of classic English ciders, Portland Cider eagerly embraced a sophisticated minimalist design. We developed a system to highlight the quality and built out diverse colorways to differentiate the range of flavors.


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Paul Violante

Paul Violante

Brand Producer

"Helen and the team were so great to work with from start to finish. Being such an established Portland brand, it was so rewarding to see this team embrace the often scary change that comes with a rebrand. As the team fell in love with the new direction of their brand, we were tasked with a fun challenge of redesigning the company’s seasonal and small batch flavors. Differentiating these product lines and creating separate design systems was a joy to see develop with the Portland Cider team."

Front and back of a can of Portland Cider co. cider on an purple background

Packaging Messaging

We had two primary objectives for Portland Cider’s packaging messaging. The first was to craft a punchy brand story. The second was to write detailed flavor descriptions for their cans. Our challenge for the brand story was to determine what key pieces to tell and write it in a concise and compelling way. For their can we wanted bring their delicious ciders to life but remain aligned with their new sophisticated look and feel.


Alyson Turner

Brand Strategist

"Getting to know a company and learning about their history and personality is one of the great joys of strategy work. Portland Cider had a unique charisma that was fun to capture on their cans."

Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

Exec. Director of Client Services

"As a B Corporation, we love working with local companies with whom we share similar values. Portland Cider Company takes great care and pride in their products, as well as the experience in their cideries. It was a fun (and tasty!) project and is exciting to see their new branding and packaging in coolers and on store shelves!"



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