Oji Kola

Oji Kola was on a mission to disrupt the energy drink industry and needed a stand-out identity to support their efforts.


Oji Kola Product Line

To bring life, energy, and equity through the power of kola.

The unique brand identity we developed with Oji Kola spreads the culture of kola, and amplifies the collective vision of an Afrocentric future in America. Oji is working to bring the world more good energy. Energy that is healthy, inclusive, indulgent, and even a little inspiring.

Oji Kola Can Lineup


Originally marketed as Bissy Energy, Oji Kola sought a strategic approach to their brand transformation. Our goal was to bring this new identity to life through solid foundational work and an incisive and engaging voice. Helping this cool disruptive product stand out with conviction while remaining authentic in its origins was our biggest challenge. We met it head-on and the results speak for themselves. 

Oji Kola Product Line
Marc Girouard

Marc Girouard

Senior Designer

“Tuning into the cultural aesthetic around Afrofuturism made for fun design exploration. The packaging really celebrates that intersection of science-fiction, history, and fantasy with a vibrancy fitting of an energy drink.”

Oji Kola Brand Elements


Oji Kola’s new logo needed to touch on their Nigerian Roots but with a futuristic vibe. Because Kola products are all about energy, both physical and spiritual, we incorporated the opening of the third eye to represent wakefulness. We developed a custom type that was both bold and fun but commanded attention.

Oji Kola Logomark
We came to Murmur with a huge idea - use afrofuturism to reclaim and retell the story of the kola nut, the key ingredient in the original Coca-Cola formula that gave it its unique flavor and caffeine, while breaking the mold of traditional branding in the natural energy space. They didn't break the mold, they obliterated it. And they did it with enthusiasm, professionalism, and authenticity - no idea is too big for this team.

James Swinyard


Oji Kola Energy Powder front and back of packaging


Packaging for Oji Kola aimed to balance traditional culture and contemporary African arts. The futuristic city nestled in a rainforest environment created just the right amount of visual complexity and took inspiration from afrofuturism, graffiti, and pop art. The finished designs are dynamic and vibrant and lent well to their disruptive intent.

close up of 3 Oji Kola kicking ginger cans with an emphasis on the can copy
close up of 3 Oji Kola original kola cans with an emphasis on the can copy
close up of 3 Oji Kola pineapple hibiscus cans with an emphasis on the can copy


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