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At Murmur we elevate and empower brands that share our passion for equity, equality, and sustainability. Our approach involves distinguishing, defining, and creating what is unique and valuable about your organization.

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Florida Crystals products family

Florida Crystals

The Fanjul family milled their first sugarcane in 1850. In the years since they’ve made it their mission to grow high-quality, sustainable sugarcane. Today, Florida Crystals takes full control of its entire production process to create "100% American-grown organic sugar."

We set out to highlight Florida Crystals’ unique differentiators with compelling branding, copy, and packaging design.

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Ultima case study product spread

Ultima Replenisher

As one of the first large nationwide electrolyte brands, Ultima's sole mission is to help people live better lives by replenishing and rejuvenating their bodies.

For Ultima, we tackled both logo and packaging. We chose a suite of popping colors to help the line stand out on the shelf and highlight the company’s diversity of flavors.

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western rivers desktop look for case study

Western Rivers Conservancy

Western Rivers Conservancy secures land along the West’s finest rivers and streams. Their mission is to conserve habitats for fish and wildlife, protect key sources of cold water, and provide public access for all to enjoy.

We designed and built Western Rivers a custom website and endeavored to capture a field guide design aesthetic. Western River’s website spanned thousands of pages and the challenge was preserving and organizing this content in an intuitive and thoughtful way that allowed users to easily find what they need and discover new things along the way.

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Ninkasi Canned Cocktail Case study image

Ninkasi Brewing

After years of success in beer, Ninkasi Brewing decided to branch out into the world of spirits. They chose to collaborate with local Portland celeb, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, to produce high-end cocktails that would work in the convenience of a can.

In creating this sub-brand and packaging, we created designs that were both fun and inviting. Each flavor design became a delicious and psychedelic-inspired work-of-art.

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The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory has been proudly serving their famously delicious 3 course meals since 1969.

Our challenge was bringing the uniquely memorable experience of being in The Old Spaghetti Factory online.

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