Chris Bolton Strategy Director

“The Chemistry Teacher”

Chris has been working in online marketing and leading digital initiatives for over 10 years. Chris has worked in-house and freelance as a copywriter, SEO & PPC manager, and is well-versed in local and technical SEO, web analytics, UI/UX, and more. Chris also hosts The Creative Agency Podcast, a show about agency growth and finding success in the creative industry.

Chris is also the proud father of a 3-year-old boy, who is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs.

  • What’s your favorite tv show?

    • Hogan's Heroes
    • The Beverly Hillbillies
    • Deadwood
    • Twin Peaks
  • What’s your hidden talent?

    • Egg Toss
    • Super Strength
    • It wouldn’t be hidden if I revealed it.
    • Breathe Underwater
  • What’s your go-to fast-food order?

    • Spicy Black Bean Burger - Burgerville
    • Grease Nuggets
    • Rosemary-Garlic Duck Liver Fries
    • Face Meat
  • What are you easily swayed by?

    • Weird Al
    • Underoos
    • Critical Thinking
    • The Occult
  • What is your favorite live show?

    • Beauty and the Beast on Ice
    • Friends Forever playing in driveway w/ pyrotechnics
    • Aladdin on Ice
    • Ice Age on Ice
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?

    • The Rock
    • Crick and Watson
    • Steven Colbert
    • Bob Newhart