Food Groove Mission

Food Groove Mission needed eye-catching packaging and a stellar site to sell their new superfood bites.

Food Groove pouch design

Dominique and Pedro founded Food Groove Mission to create nutritious and delicious snacks for people on the go

As aspiring triathletes, the couple began by making their superfood bites for themselves and their friends and family. Inspired by the bites’ growing popularity, they decided to start a company dedicated to healthy snacks with transparent ingredients.

Food Groove’s packaging features vibrant colors to distinguish flavor while landscape-inspired line work evokes natural ingredients and a sense of adventure. Various sunburst patterns complete the landscapes and encircle a transparent window to show off the product.

Food Groove Packaging Design Orange
Food Groove Bites Packaging Green
Food Groove Packaging Design Tossed
Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Senior Art Director

“A major challenge with any snack-sized product is the small amount of real estate for messaging. Our illustrations help tell the brand story without the need for copious amounts of copy.”


We designed a custom Shopify site to make it easy for their customers to order online. We built a subscription feature so customers can get bites delivered to their home every month.

Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton

Exec. Web Director

“We developed an "ingredients forward" direction for the website and surrounded the packages with animated nuts and dried fruits.”

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

“The dynamic and colorful design creates a sense of energy through animated linework and lifestyle photography. The photography features Food Groove’s unique packaging in outdoor spaces. Both packaging and site design are harmonized to create a strong sense of branding for this new company.”


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