Ninkasi Brewing

Ninkasi and renowned mixologist, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, teamed up to create next-level canned cocktails.

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Ninkasi Canned Cocktail Boxes and Cans

Known for award-winning beer, Ninkasi Brewing of Eugene, OR takes on the canned cocktail with help from Jeffrey Morgenthaler.

With canned cocktails growing in popularity, Ninkasi wanted to elevate the game by setting a high bar in both taste and design. We sought to create canned cocktails that looked both fun and inviting. Each flavor design became a delicious and psychedelic-inspired work-of-art.

Ninkasi Agave Paloma Cocktail cans on a pink background


After years of success in beer, Ninkasi Brewing decided to branch out into the world of spirits. They chose to collaborate with local Portland celeb, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, to produce high-end cocktails that would work in the convenience of a can. Each specialty cocktail is made with real spirits and simple ingredients and reformulated to perfectly balance sweetness, acidity, and appropriate ABV for can consumption.

Jeffery Morgenthaler testimonial photo

“One of the highlights of my project was getting to work with Murmur on the design of our packaging. They made the whole process fun and easy while delivering a design that I’m absolutely thrilled with.”


Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Mixologist

3 cartons of canned cocktails stacked on an aqua/green background
Renee Dimalla

Renee Dimalla

Senior Art Director

“In a saturated RTD cocktail market, we focused on the consumer “why?”. Cocktails in a can are fun, spontaneous, and casual and we wanted the design to convey that.”

Ninkasi Cocktail cans in a row, featuring the three flavors available


Ninkasi’s new cocktails needed a vibrancy that would pop off the shelf. The goal was to be colorful and bold, bright and stylish. We harnessed 1970’s illustration styles with a psychedelic bend to capture flavor in a fun and nostalgic way.


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Ninkasi Bourbon Renewal Cocktail cans on a blue background
Tory Cunningham

Tory Cunningham

Senior Designer

“We channeled our love of all things summer and tapped into Ninkasi’s nostalgic styling to create a look that feels both fresh and funky.”

Ninkasi Bourbon Cocktail can and box it comes in
The Murmur Team meshed seamlessly into our creative process and brought expertise that helped them design these absolutely fabulous branding elements and packages. Murmur captured the playful, Happy Hour Anywhere vibe we wanted specifically for the cocktails. Consumers have repeatedly said how these cans stand out compared to others and how much they radiate Ninkasi!

Jamie Floyd

Founding Brewer of Ninkasi Brewing Company

Ninkasi Gin Rickey Cocktail cans on a teal background


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