PNW Kale Chips

When Pacific Northwest Kale Chips came to Murmur they were a new business in a quickly growing market. They needed an eye-catching logo and packaging that would make their product stand out on the shelf.


Pacific Northwest Kale Chips is part of the real food movement, focused on bringing nourishing food to customers and providing a bridge between organic, sustainable farms and local communities.

Pacific Northwest Kale Chips had an existing logo that they wanted to retain aspects of—namely, the image of Mount Hood and the rays of sun behind it. They wanted their mark and packaging to evoke the Northwest.

Their original logo contained a depiction of Kale that didn’t quite look like Kale. We chose to use the side view of the leafy green which was more recognizable.

We wanted the Pacific Northwest Kale Chips colors to be bright, but not so bright that the brand no longer looked like health food. To enhance the packaging, we chose colors that contrasted with the desaturated green of the kale chips themselves.

Their original packaging was a paper pouch, but because of the fragile nature of kale chips it often contributed to chip breakage. We chose a recyclable clamshell case to prevent this.

Within a year of launching their new brand identity, Kale Chips made it into dozens of nationally-known grocery stores (New Seasons, Costco, and more) and was recently purchased by a large health food company.

Kale Chips packaging design


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