Western Rivers Conservancy

Western Rivers Conservancy sought a new website to inspire visitors to invest and engage in the great rivers of the West.

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With over 117,000 acres of land and 200 rivers conserved, Western Rivers is protecting the water and land around the waterways so that future generations can enjoy it.

Western Rivers Conservancy secures land along the West’s finest rivers and streams. Their mission is to conserve habitats for fish and wildlife, protect key sources of cold water, and provide public access for all to enjoy. Western Rivers’ motto sums it up perfectly, Sometimes to save a river, you have to buy it. 

Murmur worked with Western Rivers to rethink their web and content strategy, call attention to their many programs and initiatives, and ultimately build a new website that showcases the breathtaking beauty of the rivers and habitats they work so hard to preserve.

For the website, we endeavored to capture a field guide design aesthetic. Western River’s website spanned thousands of pages and the challenge was preserving and organizing this content in an intuitive and thoughtful way that allowed users to easily find what they need and discover new things along the way.

Dani Ramsby

Dani Ramsby

Senior UI/UX Designer

“Our main objective with this project was to go beyond just generating donations. We needed to convert visitors to believers in the Western Rivers’ mission, promoting a long-standing partnership. We took advantage of Western Rivers’ beautiful photography to immerse visitors into the natural landscapes they cherish to communicate the value of what their partnership is protecting.”

We looked into numerous agencies before we finally landed on Murmur—and we’ve been thrilled with that decision ever since. They’ve been able to bring our work to life in new and exciting ways. Working with Murmur has been a hugely positive experience.

Danny Palmerlee

Communications Director, Western Rivers

Western Rivers already had a deep library of captivating images. We put their photos center stage and used them to create a story-driven experience. Beyond acquiring more donations, Western Rivers sought to foster long-term partnerships by showing the value of the work they are doing with immersive case studies.

Tristan MacInnis

Tristan MacInnis

Technical Director

“It’s always exciting to work with a client with a great cause. Since the development team is the last one to get our hands on a web project, we’ve been looking forward to it since the project started. Many of our older projects were built on WordPress, but Western Rivers being open to utilizing Statamic, a more modern platform, has allowed us to achieve something special for both Western River staff and their visitors.”


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With our shared love of the outdoors, we had a clear direction for iconography.

We designed icons to denote outdoor activities available at rivers featured in Western River’s case studies. The family of icons was inspired by merit badges and designed to complement Western River’s logo.

Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

Exec. Director of Client Services

“As a flyfisher, with a deep love of rivers (my youngest is named River,) I was beyond excited when we landed this project. We are always proud when we can elevate website engagement and improve the online donor experience for nonprofits. Western Rivers Conservancy is doing great work, which will benefit generations to come. We value their partnership and are confident our efforts will help them increase donations, so they can save more rivers by buying them.”


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