Zupan's Markets

 Zupan’s wanted a website upgrade that would better serve their customers’ ecommerce needs. 


A long-time Murmur partner, Zupan’s is a specialty grocery chain focusing on unique foods of exceptional quality.

Over the years we’ve worked with Zupan’s on many projects, including their previous website. As online ordering became the norm during the pandemic and consumer behavior began to shift, Zupan’s recognized the vital importance of adjusting their strategy to meet the changing needs of online shoppers.

Website Strategy

With our recent Zupan’s Market rebrand, our mission for the new website was to not only upgrade the look and feel, but improve the user experience, make content handling and publishing easier for the Zupan’s team, and optimize user paths for online ordering.

As is often the case, wayfinding and naming choices quickly became the most important aspect of optimizing Zupan’s site. As an organization with many offerings and various checkout processes, users needed conventions and signals to help them easily find what they are looking for. Once we had established naming conventions for service names, button names, and microcopy, the navigational pathways became much clearer. Then it was just a matter of balancing custom eCommerce systems for catering, holidays, and gifts – along with third-party integrations for grocery ordering.

Website Design

The most common reaction when you walk into a Zupan’s is “Wow!” It’s really unlike any other grocery store. We sought to bring that experience online by creating an environment that could showcase the amazing food and photography of the Zupan’s Market experience while retaining the elevated and intentional aspects of Zupan’s brand. For this reason, we chose neutral black and white tones and smooth transitions that would allow the colorful food photos to stand out.

Tijani Stewart

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

"We created an elegant experience that allows the user to easily identify their path, while extending their brand with new icons and subtle line work that doesn’t distract from the immersive photography."

Website Development

Zupan’s website is built on WordPress with WooCommerce integration. We chose to utilize this combination because WordPress is a great candidate for storytelling and blogging while WooCommerce had the capacity to handle Zupan’s complex eCommerce needs. In addition, we were able to extend WordPress to create a comprehensive Intranet complete with employee quizzes that provide store rewards like gift cards and increased PTO.

Tristan MacInnis

Tristan MacInnis

Technical Director

"Different lead times, blackout times, hours of operations, product and cart restrictions, coupled with unique sets of shipping/delivery/pickup options per location created a web of needs that required a thoughtful and inventive approach."

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Logo Refresh

Our Zupan’s website redesign led to a new branding project for the beloved store. We elevated the Zupan’s Markets word mark and created a flexible family of logos to add some extra flavor to their branded pieces.

Dana Leung

Dana Leung


“Zupan's wanted a refreshed look for their floral department that would compliment their new branding. We added a touch of flora for a subtle but elegant flourish to their “Z” monogram.”

Zupan’s Floral Department Logo

The Zupan’s Floral Department had developed community-wide recognition for its high-quality arrangements and exotic finds. We created a separate identity that supported the parent brand while giving Zupan’s Floral its own recognizable attributes.

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