Join Murmur Creative at Design Week Portland 2014

murmur-creative-design-week-portlandExciting News! Murmur Creative is participating in Design Week Portland this year! We are having an open house at our studio in Olympic Mills, so come on by and meet our team. (Check out our Design Week profile here.)

There are many other creative agencies in our building participating, so be sure to take the whole tour!

There will be delicious refreshments provided by some of our clients. Our open house menu will feature goods from our clients Kyra’s Bake Shop, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips, Tabor Bread and Elk Cove Vineyards!

Also, there will be Murmur stickers and posters featuring our studio pup Fernando as party favors. You don’t want to miss out. Check out more of what DWP has to offer at

We can’t wait to see you!

Thurs Oct 9th 4-7pm


Olympic Mills
107 SE Washington St #246,
Portland, OR 97214


Get your portland design business listed for free!

Get your design business listedThere’s a new designer directory in town, and you can get listed for free (we did). It’s the Portland Design Directory. It’s nice to see another resource for designers in the Portland area. Being SEO minded it’s also great to get listed in as many local directories as we can–especially those that are design-related. The directory is for all kinds of designers (website, furniture, architecture, fashion, etc) so hopefully it will be a cool resource for people seeking design of all kinds. It just launched and so the directory is still pretty small. But that means we get front page placement. Yeah baby.

The website has a free listing that lasts 2 years or a paid listing that’s $40 and allows you to promote your listing on the front page.

Do you know of any design directories you’s like suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

The Genius of Laughing Planet’s Bad Yelp Review T-Shirt

Bad yelp review T-shirtOur client, Laughing Planet Cafe is a highly successful healthy burrito shop in Portland, OR. We love their food and quirky humor (especially the brand refresh and totally awesome website we designed for them). We’re often impressed with the bold and often silly marketing campaigns they come up with. One of these being the “Bad Yelp Review T-Shirt” which they sell on their website here.

The full text of the review featured on the T-shirt reads:

Imagine all your senses are gone.  No sight, no smell, no taste, everything.  Then you decide to eat at Laughing Planet.  Tasteless and flavorless.  I booked a one-way ticket to Bland-ville.  Go to ANY burrito cart in Portland and you’ll be upgrading from this place.  Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless.  Shame on you Laughing Planet.  You give burritos a bad name.

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Interactive Website Design: ConnCann’s Annual Report

interactive designWe’re proud to announce the launch of a really awesome web project we did for a non-profit Connecticut company called ConnCan (AKA: the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now). ConnCan wanted to create an interactive web app with data visualizations for their 2012 yearly report. We delivered by designing and programming a fully interactive HTML5 animated report. The report tells the story of Connecticut’s landmark education reform law. You can see it for yourself here. We created dozens of animations and they are all triggered by scrolling on your mouse or track pad or by clicking the space bar.

Of course if you have a web project that needs realization, contact us! info at

New Website Launch: The Honey Pot

Honey Pot Bakery Website-Design

Honey Pot Food Cart

Just Launched:

Not only does Portland’s Honey Pot Bakery make great pies, they now have an awesome new website. And like Honey Pot pies, we designed it from scratch. Murmur’s Tim Acock took awesome pictures of Honey Pot’s delectable baked goods and our multi-talented developer, Tristan, built the site in WordPress so that the folks at Honey Pot can update their website anytime they like. Be sure to check out the cool pie animation on the front page and if you want your website to look as tasty as Honey Pot’s, drop us a line!

(971) 235-2949

The Honey Pot Food Cart
(Brick and Mortar location coming soon!)

Portland Blazers Logo Transformed into a Marriage Equality Logo

Portland Blazers equlity logoMurmur Supports Marriage Equality, Portland Style

At Murmur we believe in equal rights for everyone. We’d like to support our gay friends and relatives with this special Portland-Style equal rights logo. We took the Blazers basketball logo and straightened it out a bit.

Please feel free to share this post with the share buttons below and show your support for equal rights for all.

There’s a great many interpretations of the equal rights logo flying around the webesphere right now. Check out some of the examples here: Continue reading

Murmur’s Looking for a Roomie at Olympic Mills (Portland)

olympic mills
Murmur Creative has an open desk at our new location at Olympic Mills and it’s available for rent immediately. We’d love to invite a creative fellow or fella to share our space. If you’re a designer there’s is the potential to collaborate/contract , but design skills are not required. The rent is 350/month. The space is 600 square feet.

Oh, and you can view our work here.

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Callooh! Callay! It’s Murmur Day: A Brand New Site

We’ve been so busy launching websites over the last two years, we’ve had hardly a spare second to update our own new site design. The Murmur Creative new site has been half -designed and half-built for longer than we’d care to admit. Because of the constant delays, and re-prioritizations, we decided the only way to get this ship out of the harbor was to hold an inaugural Murmur Day: A whole day where the Murmur team works on nothing but the New Murmur website from 9am until the site gets launched. That’s right ,we put our noses to the digital grindstone  . . . and it worked.

And we did it! We launched it. And we’re darn proud. No it’s not perfect. Sure there are still a few typos and probably an off-center image or two, but it’s live! And it’s only gonna get better.

Be sure to check out our new gallery it’s full of brand new images from all the clients we’ve worked with over the past few years.

We’ve also created a new services section that talks about the various services we offer and explains a little better about what working with Murmur Creative means, how it works, and what you get.

Thanks to all our clients, friends, and family that have kept Murmur Creative alive and kicking out killer design over the years! And stay tuned for more Murmur news on our brand new blog.